Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SPEDS take A.C.

Happy Tuesday!

Last Tuesday was quite possibly one of the best days of all time.  Why?  Well, about 20 SPEDs took A.C.!  *SPEDs are the 5 year special ed majors*  We had a blast!

Corinne, Julie, and I left after work:

Nice sunburn Erin!
I was subbing that day and part of my job was monitoring a 2 hour recess
Some girls need sunscreen

We stayed at Caesar's

Yes, yes my friend he did.  (We were all dorks enough to quote this multiple times through the night)

Taken as soon as we got to the hotel!

Beth and Jaclyn arrived earlier that day and did what girls do best...shopped at The Pier.

We all met up for dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.  While we were walking to dinner (about 1/2 mile down the boardwalk) we all realized that it was getting reeeeeeaaaallly chilly so we linked arms and ran down the boardwalk.  We were all singing (thank you local beach shops for blaring JT, Jason Derulo, and John Legend), dancing, and joking around.  Feeling totally comfortable with our shenanigans, because we didn't think we knew anyone----Think being the operative word in that sentence---we did all kinds of fun dance moves.  Welp, about 5 minutes later we received this...

Yep, that's us skipping down the boardwalk....
Apparently, a few of our friends saw us from their hotel room and took our picture!  Isn't it a cute pic though?  It's so us!

So this happened at dinner...


Princess Crown of course!


Little Mermaid!

Parrot hat in Spanish flag colors

We're on a boat!

Miss Thang with her mohawk hat

Our side of the table

The sky was painted to look like the Caribbean 

Turkey burger and sweet potato fries

Lit up Caribbean sky

Then this happened:

Meh hat browke!

So sad.....

Apres Dinner

Mirror Shot!

Boardwalk all lit up on our way back to Caesar's!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and got ready for our little night out.  We got free admission to Dusk.  We danced for a few hours, then we walked around the casino for a bit (I lost $2.70...I did win 30 cents though!  Score!)

Say it with me, sunscreen
My favs!

You know what this elevator would be good for?  Taking selfies!

It was definitely what we needed!  Fun, goofiness, laughter, good food, and beach air!  All the fixings for a perfect night with the ladies!



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