Friday, May 23, 2014

10 College Confessons

Hey Friends!

Happy Friday!  We made it to the unofficial start of summer~~Memorial Day Weekend!!

We should also remember to give a big thank you to all of our armed forces who have given their lives for all the things we hold dear.  Thank you and may you rest in peace knowing that Americans are truly grateful for your service, dedication, and sacrifice.  We love you!  (I know that technically this is not the holiday to honor our present military personnel, but I think everyday should be thank the armed forces day so thank you to all those who have served, are serving, and will serve.)

Do you have any good plans?  I have mucho plans!  Phillies game tommorrow with padre, then Sunday I have a grad party, and Monday I have a whole day of pool lounging and catching up on my rising stack of neglected back issues of Glamour and Cosmo.  Then, it's more The Bachelorette goodness!


So I found this from one of my favorite bloggers PBfingers and I thought, whaaaat a great idea!  I love posts like these because I like to find out random things about my favorite bloggers.  So here goes 10 Secrets.  Since I recently graduated (1 week 2 days!!) I will make them college themed secrets!

  • I never went to a college ever.  Mostly because I am hugely afraid of getting in trouble.  My parents told me that if I was ever caught with alcohol under age I would be cut off.  I didn't want to pay for college all by myself, so I stuck to their rules.  TCNJ also has a one and done alcohol policy for all education majors.  Another reason I never went was that I never saw the appeal--like who really wants to spend hours in a sweaty basement, drinking warm, cheap beer, and fending off creepers all night?  Not this girl!  Haven't y'all heard of Netflix and this little thing I like to call pizza?  PLUS--this would require me to wear a mini skirt in the middle of not shaving my legs for months winter.  I think I'll pass.  Besides, I worked Friday nights and Saturday mornings...can't teach 3 year olds tap with a hangover...I'm a proud goody two shoes!

  • I once made Muddy Buddies in a trash bag.  If you haven't had Muddy Buddies get out from under your rock and mosey on over to Pinterest and find the recipe.  Enjoy!  Anyway, we didn't have a big bowl to mix God's gift to the world in, BUT we did have an abundance of trash bags!  Did anyone else have about 1,000,000 trash bags?  I still have pink trash bags left over!  What we lacked in the bowl department, we made up for in the ingredients department!  College fridges are great because you have the most random crap all the time!  We had peanut butter, chocolate, and Chex Mix (someone also was using powdered sugar for a lesson so we had that, as well).   So we problem solved and melted a non-microwavable bowl in the microwave  with a trash bag.  Don't judge, it was faaaaaantastic! 
Belushi levels of college y'all

  • As I said earlier, I'm a proud goody two shoes; however, I do like to have my own sort of fun.  Mostly these involve pranks, being a goof, and binge watching Netflix!  (I do consider watching 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother in 2 months one of my greatest college accomplishments--you know, right there behind the Masters)  So one night when our RA was supposed to be at a magic convention (not the bunny out of a hat kind-the card game kind--don't worry we were confused, too), my suitemates and I decided to race our night stands down our dorm hallway.  Great idea, right?  Wrong!  Half way down my super duper fun ride--the RA comes out of his room and says, "What are you doing?!"  He then proceeds to come down and read us the riot act about our misconduct.  We skated by with a warning--and his yelling fit on film :)  If you're going to try this at home dorm--make ABSOLUTELY SURE that your RA is at their magic convention.  Also, using, "We thought you were at your magic convention," as your main defense will not hold up.  

  • I once slept through a 10 am class.  I woke up at 10:15 and decided that by the time I got up, dressed, and booked it across campus I would arrive around 11 and since the class ended at 11:20 that it wasn't really worth it.  Plus then I'd have to admit to my professor that I overslept.  I went to Target to get an alarm of course :)

  • I never repeated an outfit.  Ever.  Yes it was a pain in the booty, but what are you going to do? I also never wore sweats to class.  I just feel like you should dress in a way that shows that you put effort into your appearance.  It makes people think you care about them and what they have to say.

  • TCNJ has a grill under the frosh dorms called TDUBS.  It was open from 6 pm to 1 am and it sold grilled food, snacks, Mexican food--basically all the food you should definitely not eat ever!  After night classes (and before I could have Madden with me to drive to Wawa) I frequented TDUBS for a cheeseless chicken cheesesteak (yes 80% of the time they added cheese and had to restart).  I would add buffalo sauce to my chicken cheeselesssteak and when I squirted the orange goo on my sandwich, I would write positive words/hopeful notes or other upbeat things with the sauce.  My most common buffalo sauce mantras:  Fearless (TSWIFT 4E), A+ please, and happiness.  Total dork move!

  • Cara and I drove to Geno's at 3 am one night during Finals Week because we were stressing and needed that sweet release that only greasy food can provide.  We were 20 and we didn't tell our parents--rebels we are ;)

  • Continually won Prank Wars with our neighbors!  Some of our best ones?  Decorating the interior of our friend's car with crepe paper, mailing our friend's laundry to him, and kidnapping various room decor items from our not so compliant across the hall neighbors.  
Oh yeah!

  • I only got in trouble with my RA's a few times.  Once was the aforementioned--and totally worth it night stand racing--the other?  Because of my laugh.  Yep, I got in trouble for laughing too loudly. I snort when I laugh and apparently one of my grumpy neighbors didn't like it and yelled down the hall at me to shut (insert expletive--any one you choose since she yelled a whole bunch at me) up.  Then my RA (frosh and soph year) had to ask me to keep my laughing down.  Womp, womp, womp!  Also, both of these snorting/laughing events took place on a Friday night when I was watching Friends with Ra in our dorm room.  

  • I hated Jaclyn and she hated me!  We couldn't stand each other.  Now she's one of my BFFs and I couldn't imagine what life would be like without her.  She's the Michael Scott to my Todd Packer.  Remember, as Elle Woods told us, First impressions are not always correct.  Also, read Jaclyn's guest post here   ----->  Jaclyn's post
Love my Jaclyn!!

So these are my confessions.  How I have friends is beyond me!  Did you do anything weird like this in college?



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