Monday, May 19, 2014

My New Nugget!

Happy Monday!

It's a great Monday for a few reasons:

Andi's Baaaack!

The Bachelorette is back!  That means Monday Night Date Nights with friends and dinner and brownies!

Also, I'm looking at a great weekend!

  • Dinner with Ra in Princeton on Friday!
  • Phillies game on Saturday!
  • Graduation party on Sunday for a friend!
  • Next Monday I'm off from work because it's Memorial Day!
Monday means one day closer to that awesome weekend!

Also, I would like to introduce you to my newest nugget!

This is my new whip!

No I didn't buy a new car.  GM recalled Chevy Cobalts so I had to clean out Madden.  (tear tear, and found some weird stuff.  Also I found my TSwift Speak Now cd which was awesome!  Thought that bad boy was gone!  Phew!)  So GM gifted all of us Cobalt drivers with free rentals.  I may have this car until October...I will miss my baby Madden.

So for the past week, I've been cruising around town in a Spark.  It's super cute but it's teeny tiny.

One day I was getting out of the car (at the gym) and some guy goes, "Hey look, it's half a car!"

Beyonce shade throwing.  For once in my life I realized what it must be like to live in a world of short people jokes.  It's not a fun world to live in.

I knew that she needed a new name.  Since it looks like a cozy coupe but the inside looks like a rocket!  Plus the model's name is Spark, so she has to have a cool name.  So I came up with a few names:
  • Lolita
  • Bonita
  • Rene
The car seems spicy and fiery like a shrunken down version of Sofia Vergara.  Rene ended up winning because I wanted to highlight the space facet of the car.  Rene Carpenter was the name of my favorite Space Wife in the book The Astronaut Wives Club.  So my new car is named Rene Carpenter.  


Rene's motto y'all!

The wheels are so cute--they are maybe 1 foot in diameter.  

The car rides very low to the ground so you feel every bump.  Kinda like an amusement park ride--bonus!

Great gas mileage!  

Automatic locks!  I live in the world of no "clicker locks" and roll down windows so automatic windows and locks are a big pro!

Hatchback trunk is a BOSSLADY!  She stored 4 bags on our Girls' Nite in AC!

I feel like I'm cheating on Madden.  I miss her and told her she wasn't being replaced.



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