Friday, August 1, 2014

Vloggy and Concert time

Happpppppyy August!  Hope everyone is doing the Friday dance like me!

Today is super jam packed for me.  I have a little bit of packing/organizing/shopping left to do before I go on vacay.  Later tonight I have a scrumptious dinner date with the girls at Tortilla Press.  I foresee many a chicken taco in my future.  ALSO-tonight is the much anticipated Jason Aldean concert!  Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Farr are opening for him and I couldn't be more excited to go see him!  It's also Jason Aldean history because it's his first headlining stadium tour!  Glad I could be a part of it ;)
What's your favorite Jason, FGL, and Tyler Farr song?  Mine are JA) Big Green Tractor FGL) Cruise TF) Whiskey in my Water

Since Blog Everyday July is over, I found a new link up!  It's a vlog all about accents!  How cool is that?  I've always been fascinated by accents.  I think after men in uniform, men with accents are my fave!  So cute right?  Well, here is a fun little vid of me saying some frequently accented strangely words.  I hope you enjoy!

See y'all tomorrow with a Jason Aldean recap and day one of our Boston trip!  If any of you have been to Boston and have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Happy Friday,



  1. Your blogger got all cray cray and posted Friday Aug 1st blog even though it's still Wednesday!!

  2. Haha I know! I tried to fix it about 4 times and then was like I give up--my blogger can see the future! Time traveling bloggy for the win!

  3. hahahaha I'm reading a post from the future!

    Thanks for linking up, I'll come back and watch your video later :)

  4. Thanks and thanks for the link up opportunity!