Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boston Day 3--Chocolate Cannolis are my vice

Happy Thursday!

How are y'all?!  I'm great, finally getting back into to regular life-nonvacation mode.  Does anyone else feel like they need a vacation after their vacation to ease back into their regular life?  Kinda like goldfish--you know how you can't just drop a goldfish in a tank, you have to leave them in the baggie for a while whilst lying in the new tank?  That's kinda me right now.

Well, Day 3 of Boston was exciting!  We went on a Trolley tour of the city.  It was a hop on/hop off kinda tour.  The best kind if you ask me.  We took the hotel trolley to downtown Boston and got off at the Massachusetts Convention Center.

Dylan was the 1st Mate of the hotel trolley
 After we left the Convention Center, we walked a few blocks to the meeting spot.  Magically the trolley appeared as soon as we arrived:

Me thinking:  This is going to be a great day!  Look our trolley just magically appeared--it's like hitting all the green lights on your way home from work!  Kaaaching!

Life: You fool you don't even know! 

We hopped on and went for a little ride to Boston Harbor

Dylan and I on the cruise

Look at the pretty sailboats!

The parentals!

Bahhhstohhnn Hahhhbahhh

Charlestown Navy Yard-home to the USS Constitution

Ole Iron Side herself

The Wishbone bridge next to the TD Garden
ok that's not it's real name but doesn't it look like a wishbone?

1 if by land and 2 if by sea, and I on the opposite shore will be...
Old North Church!
Fun Fact-I had to memorize The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere in 4th grade and I still remember it today!

Inside Old North Church

The organ

Dog tag memorial to all of those who served in the wars in Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq.

After a quick trip to a food truck circle, I picked up...

this bad johnnie!  A double chocolate chunk cookie
Since when did food truck food become so delicious?!  They had everything at this food truck circle--Chinese, cookies, grilled cheese, and hotdogs.

After cookie heaven time, we decided to wait for our trolley back to the hotel.  Well guess what?  IT NEVER CAME!   Apparently you had to book the trolley back to the hotel, but NOWHERE did it tell you that!  We even talked to the concierge about the trolley and she didn't mention it at all!  GRRRRRR.  We called the hotel and asked them (per my suggestion because I'm a specialkindalady) to pay for our cab.  They did.

The famsquad waiting for the trolley to pick us up like losers champs

 We came back from the hotel.

Engaged in shenanigans...

Took sleeping selfies with the broski

Dinner was...interesting.  We went to La Famiglia Giorgio in Boston's North End.  We were seated at 7:15.  We ordered 2 pizzas and 1 chicken Caesar salad to share.  At 7:45 we only had bread.  It was delicious because the dipping sauce was EVOO, parmesan, red pepper flakes, and gahhhhlic.  To.DIE.FOR.  Then, at 7:55 we asked our server where our salad was.  She said the kitchen was backed up.  At 7:52 people behind us who arrived LATER than us were served their eggplant rollatini.  Um, excuse me, eggplant rollatini takes a lotttttt longer to make than pizza.  We asked the manager and miraculously 25 minutes later it came out!  All. At. Once.  Yes, at 8:23 pm we finally ate our dinner!  My tummy was growling as loud as my South Jersey mouth.  I was annoyed.  I loathe when people lie. I know waiting tables is hard, I worked in customer service for 6 years--you forget things.  But guess what?  You apologize and fix it!  The food was great!  The boys ate pepperoni pizza and Deb and I shared a goat cheese Margherita pizza.

Super scrumptious. 

 The wait was excruciating!

I said that we should ask for the salad to be comped because the wait was insane.  It is salad!  You take 1.5 hours to make salad?  I know y'all cook that up at noon and just wait for us to eat it.  I tweeted my disgust and the tweet was taken down.  The tweet read-Really @LaFamgio?? 1.5 hours for a salad?  And you don't comp it?

See, not mean!  Grrrrr.  So I yelled at them on

After dinner I snacked on this bad boy!  It was from Mike's Pastry and it was fantastic!  Chocolate cannoli for the win!  I'm usually a healthier eater but when on vacay...I can be tempted :)

Deb took a picture next to her main man at Faneuil Square...
Sam Adams!  
 Tomorrow we're ditching this city life for the beach!



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