Monday, August 11, 2014

Boston Day 2

Happy Monday!

Last Sunday we had an eventful day in Boston.  It was a little wonky in the morning.  It was about 75 degrees all day...but a cold 75.  We went to the Kennedy Library a.k.a. Kennedy Mecca.  Jackie Kennedy hand selected the location of the museum and library because she wanted Jack to be by his beloved sea.  Here are some high lights from the day.

Me in front of the Kennedy Library

Daddy and me with the Seal of the President

JFK's golf cart from Hyannis Port

Victura...JFK's favorite boat

Dylan walking the campaign trail

I would have totally voted for Jackie..I mean JFK :)

The parentals looking at artifacts from their time

Walter Cronkite inspired desk announcing the winner

The Board

Dylan and I chillaxing on a Kennedy bench

Saluting the Commander in Chief

JFK and Superman fighting for fitness

Jackie's necklace.  A president from a dignitary

A JFK portrait

Jackie's dress for meeting Queen Elizabeth II

The Attorney General's Office

The Oval Office

Jack's desk

The boys look happy to be at the museum, don't they?

Jackie's dress

Jackie's award for A Tour of the White House with Jacqueline Kennedy

Apparently Jackie made Christmas cards and sold them at Macy's

View of Boston Harbor and Boston from the museum

As you know, I love the Kennedy's.  I especially love Jackie.  She's classic, elegant, and timeless.  She taught the nation and the world how to mourn in style.  She was truly one of the catalysts in the evolution of First Ladyhood. She toured the world on official tours sans her husband.  She brought Americana to the rest of the world and she brought the arts to a higher regard.  Her work in restoring the White House and other Washington landmarks brought attention to the historical aspect of America.

I could gush on and on about Jackie but I won't because you would think I was insane and probably stop reading.  

After the museum, we went over to Hahvahd Yahd.  There was 0 parking...zeeeeroooo.  So we just drove around Elle Woods' stomping grounds.  It was a shame that we couldn't walk around because that area of Boston reminded me of my beloved Princeton.  But alas, parking did us in.  

We returned to the hotel to plan for dinner.  We headed out to the North End for some Italian dinner. 

Boston's equivalent of Little Italy

In keeping with our Jersey tradition of Sunday Dinners.  We went to Massimino's.  It was an authentic Italian restaurant and we (luckily) just beat the crowd.  There were about 6 tables in the upper level (where we ate) and a ballroom downstairs.  The food was delicious and incredible and I loved every minute of it.  I'm not a big pasta girl so I had this...

Shrimp, salmon, asparagus, tomatos, and 2 lobster ravioli's in a white wine sauce.
OMG Foodgasm!  

 It also happened to be the 100th anniversary celebration of Saint Agrippina here in Boston.  There were parades with marching bands, guys dancing in the street while hoisting her statue on a cart, and money!  Restaurants in the North End had collected money to decorate her carriage.  It was fabulous!

After dinner we were craving something sweet.  We wanted to stop in the famous Mike's Pasty shop but the line was too long.  We ended up at Modern Pastry.  They had dairy free cookies!!!  I had a chocolate chip diary free cookie while Dylan and my dad munched on cupcakes.  

Tomorrow we are going on a historical trolley tour (if the weather holds out) and then some more Italian food for dinner.  Whole grain Margarita pizza I'm looking at you wink wink nod nod.

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