Sunday, August 10, 2014

Boston Day 1

Happy Day!  These are all going to be scheduled so I'm not really sure when these will be coming to you live.  Gotta keep the casa safe ya know?

On Saturday August 2, Family Vacation 2014 began.  After about 5.5 hours of traffic we finally arrived in Boston.  We're staying at the Southend of Boston.  Let me tell you how our trip went:

Me eating the snacks...

Apple chips (1 bag for the ride here and 1 for the ride home)
Baby carrots
Kashi bars with chia seeds
Larabars (chocolate chip cookie dough)

When we entered the Bronx I thought it would be fitting to play J.Lo's classic Jenny From the Block.  It was not well received.  Only Deb stood up for me because, "Let her play it...she's been quiet so far."  Thanks Deb!  I've been quiet so far?  What am I 2 years old? Whatever, I'll side with anyone who let's me listen to J.Lo when driving through THE BRONX! 

I decided to keep Boston's More Than A Feeling to myself upon our entry into the city.  Because my family isn't fun.

When we arrived we saw a shot out restaurant with DEMO written on it

and a Lock and Safe Self Storage Unit with a huge padlock inflatable on the top.


When we checked in (the computers crashed and we waited about 30 minutes) and ate a warm and gooey oatmeal raisin cookie.  I know they get a bad rap as a cookie, but they are quite tasty.  We went to dinner at Wahlburgers.  It's Marky Mark and his Familybunch's restaurant.  It wasn't as campy as some other celeb restaurants are.  Rumor has it they're putting one in Philly...

I had a salmon burger with wasabi slaw and pickled cucumbers.  Apparently they're different than pickles?  Who. Knew.  I also was pumped because they had the option to wrap the burger in lettuce as opposed to a regular bun.  I always love to take the healthy route and go lettuce wrap.  I got a side of sweet potato tots.  There was a traitor tot in my carton (aka a regular tot) and I managed to suffer it down ;)  The sweet potato tots were just ehhh, they had added sugar and therefore were a little bit too sweet.

Really good food!

The ceiling was cool too because it had this....

Boards with all Wahlberg work titles on them!
Hey there Fear!

After dinner, Dylan and I came back to the hotel for a quick gym sesh while Titanic provided us with a dramatic playlist.  I may or may not have tried to outrun the water.  Guess what happened when Dylan and I went to the gym?!  We were too tall for the gym!  I had to keep the treadmill at 2.5 incline lest hit my head on the ceiling!  Dylan couldn't even do any cardio because his head would go through the ceiling.  I was also too tall for the shower so it became this...

Tall people problems!!

It was a cold and rainy day in Boston.  That didn't stop Dylan and Daddy from eating ice cream.  They didn't have any non-dairy options for me.   

It was a pretty uneventful night for us here in Boston.  We did have a little hotel shenanigans though....

We are 5

We'll see what Day 2 looks like!



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