Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunny and 75

Happy Saturday!

How's your weekend going?!  Mine is awesome so far!

I'll do a Lukey recap tomorrow but today we're going to chat about Cape Cod Day 2.

It has been about 75 degrees this whole week!  Perfect for walking around...ok for the beach.  Cape Cod is beautiful, the food is delish, and the fact that they have dairy free ice cream rocks my sox off.  What they don't have?  Anything to do at night.  The concierge told us that "star gazing" was one of the top things to do at night.

I'm not saying I'm a super cool girl who goes out every night, but star gazing is not something to do at night.  I was hoping to walk around a cute downtown, minicity, or boardwalk.  Nada folks.  Since Dylan is only 20, we really can't go to bars or anything...which is ok because I'm not sure how I feel about family bar nights?  Kinda seems like a weird jump from Family Game Nights?  Soamiwrong?  Does anyone do family bar nights?  Will we do family bar nights once Dylan is 21?  Only time will tell!

So back to the day...

We beached it up at Sea Gull beach.  There are no waves here so that was strange for this Jersey girl.  But there was chick lit.

Is anyone else reading this?  I'm creeped out!  I shkeeved during this book and had to put it down a few times.  After a few hours on the beach we decided to drive down to Provincetown.  It was ehhh.  The traffic made the usual 40 minute drive a grueling 2 hour drive both ways.  It was so crowded that we drove down and turned right around.  Yup, 4 hours for nothing folks.  We were all starving and once we reached Captain Parker's I devoured more clam chowdah (I preferred The Skipper's chowdah) and then munch 4/5 of this shrimp teriyaki stir fry. It was just ok.  Wayyyyy too much sauce and the shrimp had a weird skin thing on them.  I didn't love it.  The veggies were amazing though!

After dinner we hit up Katie's for dairy free ice-cream!  So.Stinking.Good!  I'll definitely be hitting up Wegman's for some dairy free ice cream!  

When we got back to the hotel I ate 2 warm chocolate chip cookies and we called it a night.  I've been very good about hitting the gym everyday on vacation.  Even though we're walking all day I find it helps me calm down and clear my head. I also am a huge fan of weight training and love to lift!

Tomorrow we will be checking out and hitting our final port...Newport, Rhode Island!



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