Friday, August 15, 2014

Lobstah and Chowdah

Happy Friday!!  I hope y'all are having a blasty blast on this Friday!

Tonight Jess, Kate, and I are going to shake it for Lukeybear and munch at some goodies from Xfinity Live!  I foresee some Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries in my future.  Nomnomnom!

This was a travel day aka we spent 2 hours in a car driving from Boston to Cape Cod.  Not a horrible drive...if you were me watching Real Housewives of NJ DVDs.  hee hee, I know how to pass long car rides because of our frequent trips to JMU.  Before we left Boston, we hit up Fenway Park home of the World Series Champion Red Sox.  I'm a Phillies fan at heart because I'm awesome they're our hometown team but seeing the Red Sox stadium was super awesome!  My dad calls it The Vatican of Baseball.  I think that makes Ted WIlliams the Pope, but I'm not so sure ;)

Fenway is America's oldest ballpark 

The Red Sox championship banners
My dad explaining the importance of Fenway Park to an unamused Deb
Deb quote of the day, "I'm getting a shirt that says, If my kid isn't playing then I don't care what is happening!" Ahh, the sports fan!

Yawkey Way
Dad standing in front of the Fenway Park sign

Then we had some fun in the gift shop...
So much no about this 

I pouted over the Phils losing The Flyin' Hawaiian
Jeter shirt in a Fenway shop?!
Maybe world peace is more than a childhood daydream and
something wished for by beauty pageant contestants...

Deb posing with a salt and pepper shaker that is really a bottle opener...
Those aren't the same...
Close up of Salt & Pepper shaker/bottle opener

Maybe this confusion is a reason why the Sox suck this season...

Outside shots of Fenway

Boys with the championship banners

Glove seat...get it?  Like a love seat...I crack myself up

Boys have a combined total of 20 Red Sox shirts and neither of them wore anything Red Sox
I'm wearing green to support The Green Monster :)
(And pink to support Lilly Pulitzer :)

I think this boy is being knighted at the Vatican lol

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Padre with Yawkey Way sign
So now to recap Day 4 of our vacay!  We went to Cape Cod...

It was ugly  (JK, view from lunch)

Lunch was gross, too ;)
Best New England clam chowder ever!
I love the accents of the native New Englanders.  It's so cute!!  Chowdah and lobstah!

Can you even take how ugly this is?!
This is the best salad I've ever had!  
Lunch was devoured at The Skipper.  OMG Amazing!

Shenanigans infront of The Skipper
After lunch we checked into the hotel (which had S'mores and cookies every night!!)  Winner winner cookie dinner!  

Just kidding we didn't have cookies for dinner (they were dessert ;)  We had...DAIRY FREE ICE CREAM!  

This was my coconut milk chocolate ice cream with Reese Cups!!
Holy foodgasm!

Lil Mama and Tall broski

car shenanigans 

Don't we look normal?!

Fudge house without a fudge sample girl out front?
Nothin like NJ!!

After dinner ice cream we went to play mini golf at Pirate's Cove.  It was face rocking fun!  I haven't played mini golf since I was a sophomore in high school and my friends and I went with my friend and her boyfriend.  Does anyone else remember how much fun high school dates were?  Everyone and their mother would accompany the couple on a date because it was so important that your friends like him!!

I golfed with a pink club and a pink ball
because, duuuuuh!

Deb's ball and nails matched!

Deb and I rocking our pirate gear!


Dylan and Daddy rocking their pirate gear.

If you're wondering...I rocked par for 3 straight holes then began my downward spiral to last place.  Yup, yup, Deb beat me!!  Dylan won (no duh...he's a golfer), Daddy came in second, Deb came in third, and I lost.  Grrrrrr!

Mini golf was super fabulous and I loved every second of it. 

Tomorrow is more Cape Cod goodness.  Rumor has it we're going to be beachin' it! 

I'll see y'all after I finish shaking it for Lukeybear, Brantley Gilbert, Lee Brice, and Cole Swindell!  Could this concert BE anymore rocking?



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