Monday, August 4, 2014

My Kinda Party!

Hey y'all!  Happy Oxymoron Day aka Happy Monday!

This past Friday my country cuties with rock and roll booties went to see...can you guess by the title and little pun I just dropped?


This was my third Jason Aldean concert and I loved it so much!  He always puts on a great show...this one had fireworks!!  We all admitted that we fell out of love with him (and we think most of the population did, too) when he admitted to cheating on his wife.

Before dinner we stopped in at one of my new favorite restaurants, The Tortilla Press for our Mexican food fix.  We devoured the black bean, green salsa, and red salsa dip trip.  When we arrived they told us it was Game Night and we played Yahtzee to determine if we won a free dessert.  Jess won!  Thank you Jess!!  The odds were in her favor and after the three of us munched our chicken tacos we ordered a Mexican brownie dessert. The brownie was baked with cinnamon and espresso making it Mexican.  It was scrumdidaliumptious!

After the concert we cruised (FGL pun FTW) to Philly for the show.

We posed by JA's bus

Side story about my shorts.  Deb LOATHES them!  She thinks they're way to short and lectures me before I leave the house every time I wear them.  I think she's trying to ware me down; however, I love cut offs!!  I just think they're so cute!  Maybe it's the Jersey Girl in me, but I'll be rocking my cutoffs forever.  So before I left for the show, Deb whipped out a new guilt tactic to try and convince me to change the bottom half of my wardrobe:

Deb-"If you're not going to change for me, change for your students."
My students?  This is a new one!  
Me-"If my students are at a Jason Aldean concert, with a bunch of drunky monkeys and people much more scantilly clad (I'm talking about just bathing suits on ladies) then I'm guessing, just going out on a limb here, that they won't think twice about my shorts being too short.  See ya later Deb, love you!"

My beloved CBP before the show

Tailgaters aka people cooler than me
aka people who don't have tummies full of tacos so am I a loser or are they? :)

Starting to fill up!

My pretty friends
Thank you Jessie James for teaching me how to tie a bandana cutely

Tyler Farr did an amazing job as an opener!  
Jess, Kate, and I decided that opening at a stadium show is much cooler (and higher on the opener's pecking order) than opening at an arena show like Susquehana Bank Center)

Florida Georgia Line rocking Philly

I paid $6 for a 1L water bottle.  Not thrilling because I could buy the same one for $1 at Target.  

Jason taking the stage
Jason did a great job at the show!  He sang all the hits.  He messed up on Joe Diffie 1994, but let's be honest, that is no one's favorite Jason Aldean song so it was NBD.  He said he was distracted by a blonde in the front row (no duh) who had a Joe Diffie 1994 tour tee shirt on.  A likely story.  So he started it over again.  As if once wasn't enough torture.  

One of my favorite things country artists tend to do is cover other songs.  They don't only stick to their genre either like pop stars, either.  Last year Lukeybear Luke Bryan sang Macklemore's Can't Hold Us and Lionel Richie's Easy.  Jason sang Alabama's I'm in a Hurry.  FABULOUS!  I love that song because it perfectly illustrates my life.  I am ALWAYS running around and I don't have to.  That is going to be one of my 2015 goals...Pipe the ____ down!  He did a great job!  

At the end of his concert....



The concert was fabulous and we loved every minute of it!  He concluded the show with fireworks and because we're Philadelphia fans we lerve ourselves some fireworks.  I think it's the whole freedom's birthplace thing we have working for us.  

Come on baby let me take you on a night train!

The concert was great and we're still pumped that we have 3 shows left this summer/beginning of the school year.  Next Friday we have Lukeybear Luke Bryan.  I've seen him 3 times already and I can't wait for this summer's show!

Love love love,


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