Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Happy Hump Day!

I am knee deep in New Teacher Orientation over here.  It's exhausting, but I'm so happy.  I just kinda walk around with a permanent grin on my face.  I'll do a job recap tomorrow.  Today I compiled a list of confessions for you.

I am a country music snob.  If you just like a few Luke Bryan songs and claim to be a country fan...shade I'm throwing at you.


I'm not loving Taylor Swift's new song.  ^^^^I 'm a country music fan and I don't love when people stray away from the genre that built them.

TJMAXX is like a hypnotic wheel that sucks me in and forces me to spend more money than I should. I bought an entire new workout outfit (and a Ralph Lauren tee shirt).  I had to buy all four pieces (sports bra (gorgeous one with flowers!), a tank top, and a pair of cute striped leggins) and the RL t-shirt.  It was only $43 for all pieces!!


I just found out that Panera has whole grain bread?!  How did I just figure this out?  The bread is delicious!


I cry during Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Squad.  I've watched this show all 9 seasons and I can't get enough of it.  I danced and cheered my whole life and I know how good it feels to finally make a team or accomplish a dream in the world of dance.  Since I've watched for so long I love seeing all of the ladies make the team.  I cried a few times thus far (2 episodes) because ladies who didn't make the team last year came back and tried again.  They made it to training camp this year!!  I get emotionally invested in the show, the girls, and their stories.  I also know that I can't wait for Friday nights at 9.  I've had to DVR the past few episodes because I have super cool life things to do to get ready for school.  Also, Melissa Rycroft is back and she's the best!  I knew about her before The Bachelor.  Yes, I bragged about it <3


The term business casual confuses me.  This year I have new teacher training and the invitation says attire is business casual.  What is business casual?!  Business casual means something different to every single human being. I'm wearing a dress and a sweater.  This is one of those many times where I think guys have it easier.  Business casual for a guy?  Khakis, polo, belt, and a watch.  Done.  Simple as that.  For women?  All options have problematic offshoots.

If I wear a dress/skirt

  • Is it long enough?
  • Is the neck high enough?
  • If the dress is sleeveless and this is a more conservative crowd, should I wear a sweater?
  • What if I sit down?  Does the dress cover everything?
  • Is this dress/skirt too tight?
If I wear pants

  • Can I wear crops?  It is the summer?  Is that not appropriate?
  • What kind of shirt should I wear with them?
  • Is colored denim appropriate?
  • Is dark colored denim appropriate?
  • Are these pants too tight?
  • Are skinny style pants appropriate?
  • Is this shirt high enough?
  • If I get sweaty will it show?
  • Is it going to be cold?
  • Should I wear a sweater?
  • Is a fitted non descript, non logo bearing, tee shirt acceptable?
  • Do I wear heels?
  • Maybe flats?
  • Am I going to be on my feet a lot? 
  • Are these too fancy?
  • Are these too plain?

The fundamental problem with business casual lies in the obscure oversimplification of the term casual.  Am I overdressed?  Am I underdressed?  The questions just keep going on and on and on.


I hate male metabolism.  Let me paint you a little picture: breakfast time, Dylan, and me.  Dylan's breakfast:  1 omelet, 2 bagels and cream cheeses, a cinnamon roll, OJ (not Simpson), and yogurt.  Me:  turkey sausage and a Kashi bar.  Dylan at the beach 6 hours later:  6 pack.  Me on the beach 6 hours later: no 6 pack.  I eat multiple salads a day and workout 6 days a week.  I limit my sugar, alcohol, and junk food intake and I still don't have a 6 pack.  Guys have it so much easier.  Women's bodies are designed to hold onto fat--grrrrrr.


I loathe the #Idon'tneedfeminism Tumblr.  What are they thinking?  These are what we call, uninformed women.  Repeat after me, Feminists don't hate men.  The goal of feminism is not to obliterate the world of men and rise up as womenbots who are taking over the world.  Feminists want equality for all people.  Feminists gave us the right to vote, Title IX, birth control, maternity/paternity leave, and the list goes on and on.  The world needs Feminism.  Feminism is not only an American venture--the goal is a global Feminism.  Women in other parts of the world are not as lucky as us.  Women live in fear for their lives everyday.  Women are afraid to be educated, they don't have the right to divorce abusive husbands, they don't have autonomy.  These are basic human rights.  I'm going to do a #Ineedfeminism post a la Glamour magazine's editors and celebs.

Here is a link to the photos!  I Do Need Feminism Glamour

I love Ariana Grande's music.  I don't care if she had the most annoying speaking voice of any Disney Channel show to ever find itself on the air.  1 Less Problem and Break Free are excellent jams!  I use them to pump me up when I am training for my half marathon.


So I hope you all have a great day!  I'm almost done my training now.  

Cya soon,



  1. Hi fellow New Jerseyan! I agree with you on business casual- it's a slippery slope. I tend to err on the side of overdressed than undressed though. I think it really depends on the culture of your workplace. For example where I work colored denim would never be acceptable, but every place office is different! Good luck!

    1. Yes I wore a more business than casual outfit and it worked. One day I wish yoga pants were considered business casual! Go Jersey!

  2. It's cruel that our bodies are made to hold onto fat (high estrogen, low testosterone) BOO NOT FAIR. My hubs will cut out drinking pop and will drop 15lbs easy and I'm here struggling to lose 5lbs and living off of lemon water and lettuce wraps. Grrrr lol. I confess that I can't get enough of that T. Swift song...I fricken hate that I love it. It's just so catchy and great to listen to after a bad day haha.

    1. I know guys are sooooo lucky! I heard the song on the radio today and I listened to it...ehhh...maybe the rest of the album will be better

  3. men and their metabolism. i can't even. when my husband started his health journey, he kinda worked out and didn't really eat all that healthy yet people were all "OMG you've lost so much weight! you look great!" where as i had already been at it for SIX MONTHS, killed myself during each workout AND ate 100% clean with NO cheating and they said dick all to me. WTF!!

    Vodka and Soda