Friday, August 14, 2015


Happy Friday!

Sorry for being MIA yesterday!  I had full intentions of posting, but life got in the way.

Today was a busy one and it's only 1:15!  My second favorite spin instructor was subbing at 5:30 this morning so I decided to get up at 4:30 so I could lift from 5-5:30 then spin and then finish lifting after class.

Spin was a schweaty, hilly, sprinty combo…just the way I like it :)

I had to get up super early today because I had about 4 commitments before 11.  I had 2 1st grade tutorees to meet with, grocery shopping, and a wax.  Crazy busy, but I love moving 1,000,000 miles per hour!

I also had to bake some Paleo Chocolate Banana Bread for my weekend of crazy!  Jaclyn has been kind enough to re-invite us for a Lake Day and my old neighbors (and girls I used to babysit when they were little) invited us down the shore for the day.  I like to make breakfast for the people I visit as a thank you.  Everyone loves chocolate banana bread, right?  Especially when it's healthy but doesn't taste like it at ALL!  (Even my dad, the unhealthiest eater on the planet, loves this stuff!)

Now I'm getting ready to head outside for a healthy dose of Vitamin D, but before that let me tell you about one of my favorite Philly traditions!


Restaurant Week is a special tradition here in Philly (and other cities).  It happens twice a year and each time 100s of restaurants participate in a $35 prix fix special menu.  You can read about my experience last time here.

This PRW, a co-worker and I went to Amada.  We had never been here before (a must if you are participating in PRW) and we were excited to try out this new to us Spanish restaurant.

This restaurant let you select 2 apps, 2 main courses, and 1 dessert.  Everything was served "tiny bites" style.  This is my favorite style of dining because you can try a bunch of bites without feeling stuffed.

The menu!

Sangria Temporada (white wine with mango and passionfruit!)

I by accident ate my friends app because I thought it was like a bread basket…womp womp bad friend

Ensalada Verde…pretty much the most baller salad

Look at all the plates!

My feast

Rice and Asparagus Risotto 

Gahhhlic shrimpies

Chocolate tart with pistachio and orange

I forgot to photograph my cod and tomato bisque…soooooooooo fabulous!  

Also, fun fact, not once, but TWICE, a server brought us the wrong food and then returned and said, "Oh, wait, this isn't yours, but you can keep it!"


Amada was awesome and I loved the cool, city-like atmosphere.  It was a modern restaurant with a cool bar vibe nestled perfectly in Old City.  I tend to favor Old City places more because I love the history and cobblestones.  Even if the cobblestones make walking in heels soooo much more difficult!  

I will definitely be returning to Amada in the future.  It was a great girls' night and I am totally going to miss my Wednesday Night Wonderfuls!  

Happy Friday!  I will be back to normal on Monday with a full recap of my I-can't-wait-for-it-weekend!



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