Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Oxymoron Day!

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was fabulous and busy!  Just the way I like it :)

I'll rewind and pretend that I'm college Erin and we'll start on the first night of a college weekend aka Thursday night!

This summer Thursday night has transformed into Thursday Girls Day!  Every Thursday some variation of my favorite gym girls come over for dinner and hot tub time.  This is reason #25226 why I just love my gym (okay maybe it's reason #2 why I love my gym.  Reason #1 is Pilates)--The people are awesome!  I love my gym girl friends.

Pink at night sailors' delight!

This week was pizza and Jersey wines aka Peach and Blueberry :)

To die for

We also had some Phillies Graham Slam ice cream with hot fudge and marshmallow.  Pretty baller.

Dark picture, but just use your imagination and then multiply that by 1,000,000 and that is how good this is!
It tastes like a s'more!

Thursday night was filled with all the ingredients for the makings of the perfect girls night:
-Life story swaps
-Boy talk

Friday morning was a 6 mile run followed by back to back tutoring sessions.  I squeezed in some arm work later on and then was off to Princeton to FINALLY see Cara!

Luke's new CD came out!  I had to buy it…but I was disappointed that he isn't wearing his baseball cap.
Love a man in a baseball cap

In college Cara and I used to go to Princeton multiple times a week.  The highlight of our week was Wawa Wednesday.  We drove "the long way" through the countryside all the while jamming to old school (ok, middle school era) jams.  Think Pussycat Dolls, Fergie, Nelly Furtado, Ashanti, Nelly, etc.  Then, we'd stuff our faces with the nectar of the gods that is Wawa.

Add caption

You might be saying, why is this a big deal?  There's Wawa's everywhere.  Well, not in North Jersey!  We literally had to drive into PA to find the closest Wawa!  That is wrong.

Well, Wawa was our respite to all the crazy that college was.  It was our constant, our love, our Mecca.


Where did you go?

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.


We would have starved had this been 2 years ago.


Cara said it best, "It used to be a little place where they just so happened to serve cupcakes, but now it's like BOOM CUPCAKES!"

We used to get cupcakes after Wawa every Wednesday.  They really are the best cupcakes in the world  and now the place is chocked full of all kinds of sweets:  cupcakes (duh), cookies, cake, fudge, ice cream, chocolate covered lovelies.

The inside is also no longer an English tutor theme…it's Tiffany blue!  Whaaaaaa?

We had dinner at The Witherspoon Grill and even though our waitress was a grump, this didn't impede our appetites.

Add caption

Oh, hello delicious bread and olive oil buttah!

Bread :)

Grilled peach salad! I'm loving grilled fruit right now!


It was great to see Cara and reconnect on our old stomping grounds…even if everything is different and I hate it.


Saturday was a workout heavy day--gotta get that half marathon endurance up.  Three short months and I'll be running my Wine and Dine Half in Disney!

After the gym, Deb and I drove into Philly to watch my godcousin's improv show.  He was hilarious!  I seriously was crying laughing.  He's very talented and we were blown away by his talent.

Deb humored me and let me go to the Rittenhouse Square Farmer's Market.  I get the irony…I leave my farm filled town to go to the city for a Farmer's Market.

BUT….look what I found!!  Fairy Tale Eggplant!  How cute are these?!

The answer is VERY adorable!

I also stopped by my fave vegan restaurant in Philly--Hip City Veg!  They have all the faves but veganized--The Bella Burger is my personal fave.  It's a buffalo sauce topped mushroom burger.  FAB!

I got a Groothie :)

Finished this in about 2 minutes

Sunday was a long 11 mile run which I completed in 1 hour and 33 minutes!  My personal best for 11 miles :)  I celebrated my victory with a solo trip to Ocean City.  Does anyone else love solo beach days? I got to read, wander, and eat all by myself.  It was glorious.  Usually I love being around people, but I also am a true Sagittarius and need my alone time.

Perfect Day!  

I also managed to eat some fudge.  It was tricky but I managed.  It was vanilla fudge with cookies inside.  It was disgusting ;)

I may or may not have licked the wrapper clean

Doesn't this picture look like God is smiling on OCNJ?

I like to think so

Lunch was grilled shrimpies from Ike's!  Seriously amazing!  I brought grapes with almonds with me.  Grapes remind me of the shore.  Whenever I was little and we'd visit the shore, Deb would always pack grapes for us as our snack.  This tradition has stuck with me.

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home for some din din.  I ended up talking to my neighbor when I got home.  She was my Mr. Feeny aka she taught me from grade 4-8 and she's one of the most inspiring and influential teachers I ever had.  We chatted about ghosts, going to the beach alone (and how we love it), teaching, and friends.  I always enjoy chatting with her because I leave feeling rejuvenated and reinvigorated and ready for the school year.

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

I'm off to work and then it's another Bachelor in Paradise Party with the girls!



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