Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Recap (on a Tuesday)

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday--we had 2 fiestas at the casa.

Friday was a whirlwind.  I had a bunch of errands to run and prep for the upcoming school year.  2 weeks from today and I will be starting year 2.

I went to Lakeshore Learning Store to pick up anchor chart paper and it was 10 am.  The exact time it opened.  And guess what?!  There were already about 4 people in line waiting to go in and raid the place/laminate the world.  These are my people and I love them so don't judge!

A little pineapple snackaroo in the parking lot of Lakeshore

After babysitting and tutoring I went to visit the newly engaged KATE!  Congrats a million times over for my bestie on her engagement!  I couldn't be more excited!  I got her a few presents because I'm o-v-e-r the moon excited for her!

This Kate Spade mrs necklace!


Then, I got a whistle for Kate, her sister, and me just like Monica from friends had when she went wedding dress shopping.  I also got her a binder to hold her wedding stuff in a la Monica Gellar Bing.  Finally I got Kate, Dev, and I THESE tanks because I'm just that cool much of a dork.  

We cool and we know it!

After showering the beautiful bride to be, we went to visit her fiancé at work and have din din.  ** Yes I brought him a 6 pack of his fave beer BUT I feel like he will need something MUCH stronger to deal with us during the planning of this extravaganza!**

Bestie Bride

Shrimp and crab Mediterranean salad~~pretty much a foodgasm!
I also ate 2 big pieces of homemade gahhhhlicky bread.  It was delicious!


We did some post dinner dancing.  I mean you can't sit still when the Juke Box DJ aka the bride to be plays these awesome jams:  

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (gotta dance when the Jersey Queen Whitney is played)

Country Girl Shake It For Me!
Shake It Off followed by Call Me Maybe!

Even though it wasn't a dancey place by nature, we made it work for us <3

Truth my friends!

After dinner we went back to Kate's to watch a movie and eat the greatest thing I learned in college….drum roll please

hot air popcorn with M&Ms

Perfect Girls' Nite!

Saturday was awesome.  The morning was spent at the gym doing the usual-Zumba was a no go because the instructor just HAD to take a vacation (ughhhh lol jk, she deserves it), spinning, weights, Pilates, and Pound.  Fabulous morning in my book!  

After the gym, Jess and I got ready to head up to Jaclyn's lake house.  You may remember last year's Ladies Who Lake post.  A gem of a weekend.  Jess and I were the only SPEDS who could come so we missed our better 2/3s, but we had a blast!

Little Ducky Friend on the Dock

View from the boat

Jaclyn, me, Jess on Jac's boat

Jaclyn the beautiful hostess made us turkey and cheese wraps, and a delish (and frequently revisited by me) fruit and veggie tray!

AND THESE!   Beachy themed cupcakes :)   How cute!

We had a great time meeting Jaclyn's friends and seeing her boyfriend again.  We loved our time in North Jersey!

Our beautiful hostess!  The brunette to my blonde
Jess and me

 The drive home became Karaoke Kar Ride.  My favorite way to car ride.

Belted It
Rocked IT!
Killed IT!
Sunday was a family fun day.  I woke up extra early to run 11 miles before heading for church.  After church I continued my Sunday Beach Day tradition.  I went to visit my old neighbors who moved about 10 years ago.  I used to babysit them when they were little, but now they're all grown up!  It's crazy because they've become my little sisters and it's funny to transition from negotiating bedtimes to talking about boys and life.  I love it!

Their whole family is awesome and we're very close.  They're like my second family and I couldn't be happier about it.

My other family

 After laying out, relaxing, discussing life, I headed back inland for Dylan's going away dinner.  Going away dinners have become a tradition for our family.  We have them right before each one of us goes back to school.  My back to school dinners usually consisted of Geno's cheese fries, but Dylan wanted Maggiano's.  No one had to twist our arms.  :)

My din din…Chicken Spideini aka chicken and ricotta meatballs, grilled chicken with olive oil basting.  
I'll include this in my how to eat healthy at restaurants post, but I subbed the potatoes for sautéed spinach and asparagus.  Great substitution!  Dinner was great and it was a fun to talk to Dylan one last time before he leaves for school again.

Family Dinner 

That was my weekend!  How was your weekend?  I have a crazy week up ahead, hello NOLA!  

Happy Tuesday,


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