Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was tres bueno!  It was busy and crazy just the way I like it. 

Friday morning was spent tutoring.  I love tutoring because it keeps me fresh and let's me interact with kiddos which is my favorite thing in the world. 

After tutoring, Deb and I went to Wagonhouse Winery for her birthday celebration. Cait and I went to a winery for my birthday and we had a blast. I knew that deb would love this activity and therefore I booked one for us to celebrate her. 

Wagonhouse Winery was fabulous! We sampled 20 different wines ranging from reds to whites to sweets to a spicy red chili infused wine. All were delicious and we had a hard time figuring out which owns to take home. I took home the Fallen Quaker which is a combo of chocolate, coffee, and cinnamon. OMG amazing! Deb took home Summer Sweet. Deb's wine has a coconut note to it-the woman who ran our tasting told us to try it with coconut rum. We did. It rocks. 

Lunch was a leftover Greek salad. I'm on such a Greek Salad kick lately. 

After the tasting, I came home and did some Tabata. 

After death by Tabata, (those 4 minutes rounds are killers! I did 5 rounds making it an even 20) I got ready for the Phillies game.  Dylan and I decided to take our dad to the Phils for Father's Day. Nothing like a little 2 months late present, eh?  We actually had to wait because this was the first game day in which we could all attend. 

It also happened to be Pat Burrel's induction into the Phillies Wall of Fame. 
Dylan reluctantly taking selfies with me

Turkey burger salad aka how I eat healthy at the ballpark 

The boys and me

Pat the Bat!  Pat was on our 2008 World Series winning team

Pat's Victory Lap

The game was awesome and we won!! I am missing Ben Revere, though. Toronto is lucky to have him. 

Saturday was a crazy blur of awesome. It started with the usual workout blitz that includes Zumba, Spinning, weights, and Pilates. I had to skip Pound because I had to get the hairs cut. 

I'm growing it out for Amanda's wedding next summer. 

Dinner that night was courtesy of Seasons 52. In love with their BBQ chicken salad no seeds and sub goat cheese. Try it. You won't be disappointed. 

Saturday night Jess and Cait came over for salads before Rascal Flatts' concert. The concert was amazing!  We were sitting on the lawn and we found an event staffer with upgraded tickets. So we asked him for them and he gave us 3. Well, usually upgraded seats mean you sit at the back of the house, BUT NOT TODAY!! Today was a day of miracles my friend! Our seats said pit! PIT! P-I-T! We were going up close! Cait and I have always had see a concert from the pit on our bucket lists so this was extra epic! 

We were three people away from the stage!!

No zoom necessary!  That's Scotty McCreery up close!

We danced and sang all of his songs. Then it was time for the main event! RASCAL FREAKING FLATTS!

Cait got a pick!

So did Jess!
Pit Crew!

No zoom! That's Gary! So close!

Fun fact! At the end of My Wish which happens to be my 3rd favorite RF song (Bless The Broken Road is número uno and These Days is número dos) I began to yawn. Give me a break it was almost 11 and this girl likes her 10 pm bedtime. And Gary starts mocking me yawning!! So embarrassing!  Cait was like girl you better liven it up! 

Selfie with Gary!

Bye bye Flatts! See you next time!

One of their back up singers had a diamond studded ear bud. Coooooool!

Is anything weirder than a mosh pit at the RF concert?

The concert was amazing and they played all of their hits.  We laughed and danced and jammed. No moshing ensued 😜

Sunday was supposed to be a beach day with my old neighbors but car problems caused us to have to reschedule to next week. 

I was still in a beach mood so I called up Cait to see if she wanted to join me. She did. We headed to OC and lived it up. 

Cait and I loving life at OC!

Fresh squeezed lemonade from the boardwalk?  Always a yes!

I like all the fudge! Double fisting it with both Fudge Kitchen and Shriver's is how Jersey Girls roll. 

Why don't feel like one of my daughters will be wearing these to the beach one day?  

We spent the day reading, laughing, walking along the surf, and having a blast. Best friend days are always healing and refreshing. 

For lunch I had Ike's Old Bay grilled shrimp. Amazing like always. 

For dinner we stopped at Whole Foods and whooped it up. Hot Bar is always a good choice. 

Sunday concluded with Bachelor in Paradise. Who else is watching?  I have a love/hate relationship with Ashley and Lauren.  They're hilarious together. I'm a huge Ashely! Ashely and Dan should be the next Lacy and Marcus. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!



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