Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Faves!

Happy Friday Everyone!

How was everyone's week?  Does anyone else feel like August is flying by?  We need to slooooooow it down.

This weekend is a crazy one like always.

Today I'm tutoring, lifting, running, and doing some shopping.  Tonight, I'm meeting Cara for dinner in Princeton.  Love roomie meet ups.

Tomorrow I have workoutstravaganza followed by my God-cousin's improv show and dinner in Philly.

Sunday is a long 11 mile run followed by a beach day.

I'm liking my weekly beach trips.

In typical Friday fashion, I'm here to list out all of my favorite things from the week.

-Pit Life!

Singing/dancing/jamming up close and personal with the band is in a class of its own.  There's no comparison.  It sounds so chi chi chi, but it's true.  IT's going to be hard to go back to the lawn with the fellow peasants.

-Avocado-Holy Guacamole I'm obsessed with this veggie.  I've been using it to top my Crock Pot Chicken Salsa, Greek salad topper, and as a spread for turkey and cheese sandwich.  The avocados were perfect-not too mushy (grosssssss) and not too hard.  Love them!

-Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team Season 10-I'm obsessed with this show!  As a cheerleader and dancer, I know the stress that these girls are under.  I love how they show the human interest pieces about each cheerleader--you get so connected to these girls and you root for them throughout the process.  I also like to see who came back from last season.  It's a heart warmer

I love making reservations because I hate waiting for for when I'm hangry.  It's so easy and eliminates the awkward phone reservation conversations that I seem to have every day.

-Vintage Blog Posts

I've been reading those "You might want to read" posts at the bottom of some beloved blogs…and guess what?  I've been loving reading the bloggers' lives from what seems like a million years ago.  I love reading blogs of mom's before they were moms.  So funny and interesting to see where their lives have gone.

-Bath and Body Works Summer soap scents-Magnolias and Mimosas?  Yes please!  Summer Sails?  Absolutely!

-This sunscreen


-Weekly beach trips
Every Sunday for the past 3 weeks and I don't hate it!

-Grilled shrimpies from Ike's on the OC Boardwalk.  A little Old Bay  and I'm a happy girl :)

Happy Friday!



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