Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Hi All!!

Happy Wednesday!

I'm finally back on the blogging train after a super awesome weekend and busy Monday. (Maybe I'll post my Bachelor in Paradise recap tomorrow?  Why not? Who says you should blog about life when it happens?) 

I'm really loving these WIAW posts. I love reading what everyone is eating. Does anyone else love that or am I the only weirdo?

Lately I've been all about the Farmer's Market finds. I usually start my Mondaylenong off with a quick trip to the local farm (reason #14434 why NJ is the best-we have real farms about 4 mins from your house!) and I picked up some cucumbers for juicing, peaches for grilling, and blueberries for oatmeal/eating every time I open the fridge. All were tres delicious! 

Pre-run fuel is the oatmeal cookie. This cookie is life changing because it gives me all the nutrients I need for my run without bogging me down or giving me any sort of tummy ache while I run my 5 amers. 

Post run b-fast is the usual oatmeal foodgasm. 

Lunch has been delightful!   

Salmon with an Orange vinegarette drizzle over a Greek salad.   Yummmmm

Dinner was leftover Bachelor in Paradise dinner!

Crock pot chicken salsa with avocado on top over brown rice. Daddy was also kind enough to grill some fruit for us to enjoy. 

Grilled fruit is one of my favorite summer treats!  The grilling really brings out the flavor and sweetness of the produce. I highly recommend giving it a whirl. 

I've also been snacking on the last remaining piece of Fudge Kitchen's chocolate fudge. This is reason 174737 why NJ is the best state-we have fudge and farms and beaches and blueberries all within 40 miles of each other. Winner winner fresh food dinner. 

I've also been taking some spoon dips into Phillies Graham Slam ice cream. I'm actually allergic to milk, but 1 little spoonful a day doesn't hurt. 

That's what I've been eating lately. 

Today was a fun day:

5 am 5 mylah 

6 am b-fast while watching RHONY and a DVR'd Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team 8. 

8 am weights session 

9:30 am barre 

10 am Pilates

11 am shower and get ready to babysit 

12 pm lunch of chicken salsa

1-4 babysit

Capping off this fun night with a Phillies game!  We're excited because we can see J-Roll play!  Unfortunately, Jimmy was traded to the Dodgers and we don't get to see him light up short stop anymore. I'm excited to see him back. I'll give him a cheer when he makes a good play. I'm a nice fan like that 😜

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying your hump day!

Eat up buttercup,


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