Friday, August 21, 2015

Greetings From

Happy Friday from....

The Philadelphia International Airport. Yup, you read that right, I'm still here. 

My flight yesterday ended up getting cancelled due to bad storms. Insert Snarky Sally here. The storms didn't touch my area of the world until 2 am. NOLA was not effected and neither was Nashville where my connector was scheduled. 

It's perfectly acceptable to pout at 24 when your flight is cancelled. 

Anyway, I am booked on the 755 flight out of Philly today.  

I'm sad but everything happens for a reason. I am one of those people that likes to wake up in the city when I'm on vacation. I like flying out at night. Does anyone else like flying at night better than the daytime?  I was looking forward to going to Nashville for my layover  because A) I've never been to that 
airport before 
B) Cole Swindell would magically be there and we'd lock eyes and known instantly that we should be together forever and my dream of living in a romantic comedy would come true! 

Ok maybe I'm kidding about Cole...and maybe I'm not. 

All wasn't lost last night, though. 

I got a pick-me-up-mani a la my life idol, Elle Woods. I picked OPI's Cajun Shrimp for the trip bc I'm going to Cajun Country!

I also went to a (few) very healing classes at the gym. Thank you, Pilates, Barre, and Zumba!  My favorite Zumba instructor was subbing and I was in my booty-shaking glory. Sometimes ya gotta dance away your troubles. 

The nice thing about a cancelled flight is that everything on your end is done:  the packing, the saving, the toil and trouble are all down because you were literally  ready to go yesterday. 

My new connector is in St. Louis and I'm excited to see the (airport) home of the Cardinals. 

Before I leave y'all to board, I figured I'd leave you with some pix from the beautiful Philly airport. I snapped these while doing airport cardio aka walking the airport from terminal E-A.  About one mile in total. 

See it's tropical!  Just like NOLA, amiright?

Standard Philly fare! Love those crab fries 

My pink luggage...No Zach, I'm not moving in I promise. It's only a (now) 2 day trip. 

Anyway, they're calling us to board. 

Cya friends!


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