Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

How is everyone's morning going?  Mine is crazy, full of running around, and working--just the way I like it!

Today's post is going to be a brief one--I'm a wordy girl so this should be a welcomed break for you all :)

Today I'm going to Philly Restaurant Week with my friend from work.  We're going to Amada and I'm super excited.  I've never been before, but it looks great!  Restaurant Week is one of my favorite celebrations in the city because it lets you try different restaurants and their specialities for $35/person for 3 courses.  Most places offer more than 3 courses or give you little bites but let you select 2-3 per course.  As a huge food nerd, you can bet that I'm pumped.

Lately, I've been trying to mix it up in the food department.  I'm trying to suck every last bit out of fresh summer fruits and veggies that I can.  That means weekly trips to the Farmer's Markets to see what's fresh and new.  This past weekend, Deb and I went to a Farmer's Market in Philly and we bought Fairy Tale Eggplants.  Their name caught our eye and we decided they needed to come home with us.

I made eggplant boats after the farmer gave me the idea.

Soooo good and easy!

Here's the recipe:

1 Fairy Tale eggplant 
as many cherry tomatoes as your little heart desires (I think I used 6)
2 TBS crumbled goat cheese
1 TBS whole grain bread crumbs
pinch of gahhhhhlick
drizzle of balsamic 

Grease skillet with coconut oil (use medium heat setting)
Shell the eggplant and put all the "meat" aside into a small skillet
Bake the eggplant shells at 350 while you finish prepping
Slice tomatoes in quarters and place in skillet 
Add goat cheese, garlic, and bread crumbs
Mix thoroughly
Continue to combine until the cheese starts to get melty and gooey and the eggplant begins to brown.
Take off heat
Take eggplant shells out of the oven
Stuff eggplant shells with the mixture.
Try not to foodgasm

Lately, I've been sticking to the old faithfuls:
Greek salads
grilled chicken
orange glazed salmon
eggplant boats
oats for breakfast

Tonight I'm excited to spice it up at Amada. I'll give you a full recap tomorrow along with the tricks I use to keep a healthy lifestyle while dining out.  

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday!



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