Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Debbie Daughter Day

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry this is a little late today, but last night was a late one with The Bachelor in Paradise Party.  Wasn't it good?  I'm so sad Tenley didn't pick Michael!  I'm also not a fan of the whole no rose ceremony at the end of the episode.  Also, not a fan of Jenny Mollen.



I'm bored with her because she's mean.  She's not funny, she's just mean.  I liked Ashely S.'s response to one of Jenny's comments:  "I don't even know you."  Only Ashely S. can call someone out and still be sweet about it and not come off as mean.  Love her!

BIP Dinner:

How good does this look?

Cait hosted this week and made delicious taco seasoned chicken with corn and beans.  We wrapped them in lettuce and it added a perfect little crunch.  Amazing!  I brought Srircha, Tamari, and lime juice caulirice.  It was good, but holymoly SPYYYYYCYYYYY!  

Today was my day off and therefore Deb and I headed to Princeton for a little secret mission.  

This little guy stayed on the car the entire 45 minute trip to Princeton and about 30 minutes home.  He flew off during a heavy rain storm.  Crazy!  We were pretending it was a math problem:  If the car is moving at 65 MPH N, how fast is the bug going?  How fast was the bug going when he/she flew off?  We couldn't solve these problems :)

Look at that Cicada!  Hang on little buddy

After the Cicada keeping us very occupied and entertained, we accomplished our secret mission.  We finished the day with cupcakes 

Vegan Chocolate For Me

and a pupcake for Cody at House of Cupcakes!  

Cody's Pupcake :)
Apparently, we're those people now.  Those people who buy their dog cupcakes.  He kinda liked it.  He was nervous about it at the beginning, but then gobbled it all up rapidly.  I wonder where he gets that from.

 On the way home we heard this jam:

Oh yeah!

When my dad would take Dylan and me out for the day when we were little, we would jam to country and this was always one of our favorites.  My dad always made us swear we wouldn't tell Deb that we sang the "real version" of I told you once you son of a ______, I'm the best there's ever been.  

What happened in the Volvo stayed in the Volvo!
Yesterday I had a little fun shoe shopping.  A woman's right to shoes!  I have been lusting over these for years and finally broke down and bought them.  I also just added these lovelies to my growing shoe collection.  

One shoe can change your life

I hope everyone had a great day today!  I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow with a What I Ate Wednesday post.  I'm off to the gym and then I'm *finally* seeing Trainwreck with Jess tonight.  I've heard mixed reviews and I hope it's good.  I love Amy :)



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