Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Philadelphia Restaurant Week

Happy Snow Day!

We're off from worky work today.  I must say I am always a Snow Day Champion.  I want snow days more than anything.  I love waking up to a phone call that says you are off from work.  It's just so nice to roll back over and wake up at 9:30.

Today I woke up and baked some completely unhealthy banana chocolate chip bread!  **I did squeeze some almond milk in there though so I can eat** #lactoseintolerantgirlprobz

Twas Delish

**Yes, RHOBH is on because I use Snow Days to clear the DVR**

Speaking of television, I'm addicted to Parks and Recreation!  I am on an Amy Poehler kick right now and have watched over 4 seasons in 3 weeks.  CHAMPION STATUS RIGHT HERE!

The famsquad and I are also watching Sons of Liberty on History Channel.  It's okay, (enter history major eye rolls here) I like that they are telling the stories of Revolutionists that are not as famous.  I would have done the backstories of each revolutionist then interwoven the stories through their friendships and relationships--but alas, they didn't call me :)

So this past weekend before the non snow ruined my weekend in Maryland with Amanda (snow party foul) Jess, my dad, and I went to Philadelphia Restaurant Week.  Last year we tried really hard to get there but with grad school and snow and student teaching, it wasn't in the cards for us.  Well, this year we made up for that.  Philly Restaurant Week (PRW) is a 2 week event where a huge number of restaurants put out a $35 dinner menu/$20 lunch menu chocked full of their well known dishes.  Reservations fill up quickly and sometimes you have to eat at 8:45 pm on a Friday night.  **cough cough us cough cough**

Jess decided on the restaurant and she made a baller choice.  We went to La Viola Bistro for din din.  She picked it because, "It has the most extensive menu."  AKA something picky Erin will eat.  She said she, "saw the salad with goat cheese and knew I'd like it".  Smart girl. 

It was crazy awesome!  The restaurant was super cute and fancy and cityish.  It is a narrow restaurant in Rittenhouse Square (fun fact the other La Viola is across the street) with many rooms that seem to go back forever.  They also have a downstairs party room.  I think there was a birthday party going on at the time.

Here are the deets of the eats.

2nd course was a pea soup.
Yummy yummy yummy!

Arugula, tomato, goat cheese, artichoke, and lemon/olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette dressing salad.
I've copied that salad this whole week for lunch.
Salmon with marinara sauce, mashed potatoes, and spinach.

Jess got a mushroom trio.  We didn't think it would seriously
be a pile of mushrooms.  It was a giant pile of mushrooms :)
Always smiling when it's a girls nite involving food :)

La Menu 

Padre and I got the Dark Side of the Moon cake.
Out of this world!

Dinner was great and the night was beautiful.  A light snow was falling and it was very chic.  How was your weekend?  How are you spending your snow day?

Love Love Love,


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