Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day Accomplishments

Happy Hump Day!

How was everyone's Snow Day?  Mine was pretty bueno!  I accomplished a lot of things…both of substance and less than substance…

1.)  Lesson Plans for next week are fini!  I have a super exciting weekend planned with multiple Girls' Nites and a Ladies' Lunch!  Now I can relax and watch the most controversial Super Bowl Ever

2.)  I made banana chocolate chip bread.  I'm still proud of this lol

3.)  I watched 12 episodes of Parks and Rec since last night…

4.)  I wore these to work out today!  Thank you Reebok sale!

How cute!?  Pants with clouds!  I lurve clouds!

5.)  I went online shopping and bought these pants!  Thank you Gap…although I should probably put the debit card away…

The.best.pants.ever.  They don't even need to be ironed!

6.)  Found out this was a real thing…glad I put the debit card away…

Oh Lawd!

7.)  Schweaty gym sesh complete with an Erin Triathlon-  Cross Trainer Elliptical (shamelessly reading Self it was an easy cardio day)+Pilates+Barre.  Achy legs will be here tomorrow!

How much fun did you have on your Snow Day?!  Let me know what you all did!

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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