Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Inevitable…Strep Throat Edition

Hello People,

How was your Tuesday?  Mine was ehhh…I have strep throat and it sucks!  I decided that since I'm cooped up inside (my Type-A self is been driven slowly insane considering I need to be moving or I go slowly insane) I would make a list of all the Inevitable Things that happen when you have strep throat.

1.) Inevitably, you will miss some of your favorite workout classes (Zumba, Pilates, Barre, weights, HIIT, tear tear tear)

2.) Inevitably, while sitting at the doctor's office you will inevitably run into a super cute guy.  P.S. your face will be swollen, you will be wearing sweats, and you will be pale and sweaty.  In case you were wondering, these are all Vuuurrry attractive to the male species.  How come guys can pull of sick better than women?  Not. Fair.

3.) Inevitably, all the good jams will play when you physically cannot open your mouth due to pain.

4.) Inevitably, your father will bring you home a Reese's Heart which you will not be able to eat because you, again, can't open your mouth.  Coincidentally, holiday themed Reese's can't be beat because they have the perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio.  Peanut butter chocolate perfection!

5.) Your Netflix will inevitably not load

6.) You inevitably have the good bread from Wegman's and can't eat it because you can't open your mouth and/or chew

7.) You inevitably have a bag of M&Ms (the Valentine's Day kind aka the best kind) and you can't eat them either because the chewing hurts!

8.) You inevitably can't do lesson plans for next week because your absence leaves some holes in the week

9.) You will inevitably realize that you are too contagious to visit Wegman's for your midweek grocery run.  I lurve Wegman's…

10.) Since you couldn't visit Wegman's you can't make a green juice…How will I recover without my vitamin C??

11.) You will inevitably begin to think about races that you want to run…Hello Disney Wine and Dine…has anyone run this?  I love night running, wine, and Disney so this can only be fabulous!

12.)  Inevitably, you will go online shopping…

13.)  Inevitably, you will miss St. Blaise's Mass because you can't leave the house because you're contagious.  The irony?  St. Blaise Mass is a blessing of the throats mass…irony, eh?

14.)  You inevitably, will have a rockin' good hair day and no one will be able to see it….

15.) You will inevitably find new running shoes.  I heart these new running shoes!

AmmIright?!  Hot Pink?  Check!  Gold?  Check!  Light Pink?  Check!  Aasics are my fave running shoes!!  I'm planning on running a few races this year and these lovelies will be my BFFs!

Are you good on sick days or are you a bad sick day kid like me?

Tomorrow I will be ready to rock and back at school!  I can't wait to see my little nuggets tomorrow!



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