Monday, October 27, 2014

Superstition is the Way

Happy Tuesday!

I have to tell y'all that I don't think there is any force greater than Halloween.  I'm a teacher and my kids are OBSESSED with Halloween.  I remember liking Halloween, but not like this!  They don't even get to get all sugared up.  My district is a "healthy district" and therefore there are no sugary snacks permitted.

I think the best part of Halloween, as a child of course (the best part about it now is watching Hocus Pocus while in your jammies and eating popcorn and M&Ms.) was the Halloween parade followed by party.  I remember eating slices of pizza, shoveling candy into my mouth, and eating dozens of chocolatey/sugary desserts.  IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!  I turned out to be a very healthy girl.

Anyway, I digress.  Today is an interesting post.  It is all about things I'm superstitious about.

Well, here we go.

-Even numbers/even sets/even reps-When I'm at the gym I can't stop until each side is even.  For example, in Pilates, if my instructor starts us on the right side, I can't finish the set if I'm on the right side, I must do the last rep to make it complete.  I guess I don't want to be uneven?  I'm a dork :)

Speaking of even numbers, I only eat mints in twos.  Yup, I eat two at a time.  I can't do one mint.  I just like two.

-Nighttime prayers-I say an extensive pray every night before bed.  I have to say the same prayers in the same order.

-I also bless myself and say a prayer every time I see/hear an ambulance drive by.

-Driving to Lady Gaga.  I like the Gags, but one time my roommie in college and I were driving home after visiting Wawa, and we had the legal right to turn left.  A car came flying out from a red light (the light was red for over 30 seconds when this car, going 90 mph minimum pulls out and almost smashed into us.)  We were listening to Lady Gaga when this happened and since then neither of us has been able to drive while the Gags is playing.

-I confess that I never make my bed--that is until I'm right about to get into it for the night.  I can't get into a bed without it being made.

-I have to sleep with the night stand on my left hand side.  I don't know why, but I always have and I always will.  Even in hotels, everyone knows this :)

-Mirrors.  Ever since the preteen sleepovers that featured trying to resurrect Bloody Mary via powder room mirror became a thing, I shudder whenever I look in the mirror in a dark room.  I'm certain I will see her.

-Church every Sunday.  I have to go to mass every weekend or I fear what will happen that week.  This weekend, I'm going to sandwich a family party around going to church.  By sandwich I mean I will go to the party, leave to attend mass, then return.  (I'm babysitting on Sunday and therefore have to go to Saturday Night Mass)

This list may have turned into a list of things I'm OCD about, but whatevs.  Superstitions and OCD aren't that far away on the spectrum.

Also, VA was super awesome!  Seeing Dylan is always great AND I got to eat at Texas Roadhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings!  Yum yum yum!

What are you superstitious about?

Have a spooktacular day,



  1. Well that's quite a long list! I completely agree with the mirror one, the whole Bloody Mary thing went round my middle school and so I could never look into the girls changing room toilet mirror - because that's where she was apparently!

  2. OMG, I still do the same thing with mirrors too! I can't be in a bathroom without the lights on. It freaks me out really bad. So glad I'm not the only one!

  3. I have a similar fear about going to Sunday church! Like I know something bad will happen during my week if I miss church just to sleep in!


  4. I forgot about the mirror superstition with Blood Mary or Candy Man! I had friends that would try to get me to do that and I flat out refused. Just thinking about that freaks me out. No thanks!