Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Words to Live By

Happy Hump Day!

My favorite quote is actually courtesy of Criminal Minds.  Romantic, I know :)

 It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on, it takes a lot of strength to let go -J.C. Watts

This is very true.  I mean, heck, I held on to the idea that my Scooby Doo overalls were cute until well into middle school.  If you're wondering, yes Scooby did jump out of on of the front bib pockets :)  It was rough, but I learned to Let IT Go!  and even though it was tough, I'm a stronger and (more fashionable) person for it!

But, think about, it anyone can hold on to anything.  If you're wondering, I still hold onto way more than necessary.  It would take way more strength for me to think Elsa and LET IT GOOOOO!  LET IT GOOOO!  But, alas, I am not one with the wind and sky.

I hold on to all kinds of things I shouldn't.  Artifacts from past relationships, notes from college that I will not ever look at again.  Coconut water in my fridge that I know I won't drink ever again, because it's narsty.  Speaking of, excuse me while I go toss that--just typing that made me realize how gross that is.  I hold on to it because it's comfortable.  I'm familiar with it.  Familiarity doesn't cause growth, though.

I think it takes a very strong person to let it go.  It's hard to turn away from the familiar even if it doesn't suit your needs--even if it's negative, even if it is hard.  I think I might make this my New Year's Resolution.  I used to think that I had hope--always holding out for that guy to call me back, that trend to come back in, that suddenly my taste buds would love coconut water, but guess what?  He's Just Not That Into Me, Scooby Doo overalls were never in style to begin with will never come back in style, and I will never love coconut water because it tastes like survival food.  I think it takes a strong woman to say goodbye to the familiar and venture out into the scary unknown.  It's scary to walk away from relationships because of the fear of the unknown.

But, I think with that walking away, that letting go, you are saying, this is unacceptable and I can and will do better.  I have faith in myself that I can do better and be better.  When I look at it through that lens, it makes it easier.  It makes it seem like if I don't let go, I'm literally betting against myself.  And I always bet on me.

So friends, what is your motto?  I find that if I'm in need of a pick-me-up I head over to Pinterest and cruise the quotes section until I feel fabulous again.  I highly suggest it :)

Enjoy your day!



  1. Pinterest is my favorite place to get good quote inspiration. That is a really great quote that you picked. I have a hard time letting go of things too. I think we all need to hear this quote at one point in our life. lol! And I laughed out loud at your Frozen reference. So funny!

  2. I love that quote and agree that it's hard to let go. I'm about to move out of my hometown in seven months for college and an internship and I'm excited about my future, but I am a bit scared to leave home. My life's about to take a huge turn and I know I'll likely never live in my hometown again.

    Katie Petty

    1. I think the best things happen right outside your comfort zone. College is awesome!