Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Best Halloween EVER

Happy Thursday!  Repeat after me...One More Day Til Friday...One More Day Til Friday!

Today's blog post is What was your best/worst Halloween here goes.

Halloween as a child is awesome!  You get free candy, you get to trick-or-treat at your crush's house (come on-who wasn't super excited to knock on your crush's door and hope they would answer and see you in all your Halloween glory gory and fall in love?!  I did!  Hi my name is Erin and I believe in Romantic Comedies and Fairy Tales), and people give you candy!  That is a great day!  You get to dress up and stay up late!  Also, you get to order pizza on a week night?!  WAHHHHH?!  Is anyone else a Friday only pizza family?

Well, I love Halloween!  I love being scared and getting scared and scary things in general!  Most of all, I love free candy.  Free KING SIZED candy to be exact.  In my book, anyone who gives out KING SIZED candy bars on Halloween should be given a parade and holiday in their honor.  Those are good people, my friends.  If you're wondering, we never give out KING SIZED candy bars.  Once, my dad did give out croutons because we ran out of candy.  See, we rarely get trick-or-treaters, but this particular year we received a whole bunch of candy needing children and so my dad went down stairs to get some snack sized bags of chips and by accident grabbed a bag of croutons.  That's hilarious!  Can you imagine checking your loot later that night and being like, "Croutons?!  Croutons?!  That's worse than the rocks Charlie Brown received!"  (Yes, I just read The Great Pumpkin to my students...they loved it!  I was proud that about half knew who Charlie Brown was/is)

Anyway, my best Halloween as an adult was 2 years ago.  As a self-proclaimed good girl, I never went to a college party and therefore, I went to my friend's boyfriend's party.  I went as my life idol...

Dolly Parton!!

It took me 4 weeks to perfect the famous Dolly cleavage :)

I did win the most creative costume!  I narrowly beat a woman dressed as Tan Mom.
How fabulous is that costume?

My wig may or may not have been a Tina Turner wig :)  I bedazzled the back of my shirt and bought my earrings at Loehman's.  The cashier definitely gave me a weird look.  I don't know why?  They're super seksi!  **Funny story, they are still in my purse** Then, I wore more makeup than should be allowed to one person.  

I loved being Dolly for the night!  The party was super fun, we ate party foods (hello dips!), and belly button desserts!  If you aren't from the area, belly buttons are a pretzel with a Hershey Kiss in the middle that you melt in the oven and then push an M&M in the middle.  Scrumptious!  

This year, I have another, different Halloween party to go to and my costume is fabulous and slightly less boobylicious.  

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  1. You look amazing as Dolly! Belly button desserts sound amazing! Although I've never had a Hershey's kiss before but sounds good anyway!

    1. Thanks!! It is delicious! It's salty and sweet and amazing!

  2. So pretty much, just post something country-related and I'll comment :) Love the costume- not many people can pull of Dolly-boobs!

  3. omg dolly parton! i love it!! that is awesome. thanks so much for linking up with us!

    Ps You have word verification on! just go to settings --> posts and comments and turn word verification off

    1. Thanks!! Thanks for hosting the link up :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Dolly Parton in a Tina Turner wig. I'm DYING. So fun!!!! I love those creative costumes!!!

    1. Thanks! I love the creative costumes! They're so much more fun!