Monday, October 13, 2014

Favorite Fall Recipe!

Happy Oxymoron Day!  aka Happy Monday!

Everything is bueno over here.  This weekend was a work-hard/run-hard/play little weekend.  I feel very accomplished having finished lesson plans for October.  I'm going to be looking forward to 2 very busy weekends.  This weekend one of my friends (we met in 5th grade) is going to be coming home for a brief visit and we already have Friday dinner plans!  Saturday, I'll be in NYC at Columbia soaking in a writing conference.  Sunday, I'll be in Maryland visiting Amanda at her new condo.  We're planning on lunching it up and shopping it up!

I finished the 5k in 27 minutes.  Pretty proud of myself.  I ran hard!  As I've said before, I'm not a fast runner.

Momma and I getting ready to run

Parentals before their walk

The race was for Sean Fischel.  A local student who lost his courageous fight with HLH over a year ago.  It was a beautiful day for a 5k and a wonderful way to remember a superhero.  It was so inspiring to see the community come together and raise money to help a great organization.  In a hard world, it's nice to see so many people come together for good.  

Today's link up is about our favorite fall recipe.  Well, I love to eat almost as much as I love a Real Housewives marathon, so this is right up my alley!

My favorite fall recipe is cheap, easy, and healthy!

Cliffnotes Baked Apple Pie aka Cheap College Kid and I Only Own a Microwave But Want Apple Pie

1 red apple
honey (as much/little as you desire)
cinnamon (as much/little as you desire)
a sprinkle of oats or 1 graham cracker

Cut up the apple
Place it in a microwave safe bowl
Add honey and cinnamon
Microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds
Check the tenderness of apples
Add 30 more seconds if necessary
Take out of microwave
Add graham crackers or oats

It tastes delicious, costs very little, and is healthy!! 

My other Fall go to recipe is:

Popcorn and M&Ms

-enough pop corn kernels to fill the bottom of a brown paper lunch bag
-1 brown paper lunch bag
-as many M&Ms as you like (more...always more M&Ms)
-cinnamon to your liking (more is better if you're anything like me)

microwave popped popcorn (the kind where you actually buy the kernels and put them in a brown paper bag for 1 minute 30 seconds...not the gross store bought mircowave popcorn)
Then add Fall themed M&Ms to your popped corn 
Add a sprinkle of cinnamon 
Voila!  Crunchy, spicy, chocolatey goodness!!

I hope you enjoyed your little recipe feast here!  What are your favorites!?



  1. Haha this is awesome! A quick solution to a craving. Love it!

  2. I love anything I can pop in the microwave!! gotta try this

  3. It's amazing the things you can concoct in a microwave when you need. Popcorn with m&ms are my favorite!

  4. ha! i love this! sometimes i do just want a single serving of yummy apple goodness. perfect!

  5. What a great single serving of one of my favourite desserts! Cat wait to give it a go!

  6. Oh I am going to try that apple pie thing! That is right up my alley, very little commitment to actually cooking!

    1. Yes! It's so easy! I did it in college all the time