Friday, October 10, 2014

Pumpkin Recipe Goodness

I'm super pumped about this link up because I love pumpkin flavored things.  I'm excited to find some new goodies!

How good is pumpkin?  Pumpkin is the glue that really holds fall together.

I like things simple and delicious.  I'm a pumpkin bread kinda girl.  I like the Betty Crocker Pumpkin Bread recipe the best.  It's quick, easy, and time tested.

Best Pumpkin Bread Ever

I add chocolate chips (the whole bag because I'm cool like that) to the mix and bake!

When the cake comes out, I like to drizzle it with vanilla glaze.

This is a Betty Crocker Glaze Recipe, too!


cup powdered sugar
tablespoon milk
teaspoon vanilla

So Delicious!  I hope you enjoy your Saturday!  I'm off to do lesson plans.  Try not to be too jealous :)


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