Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Fashion!

Happy Thursday!

One more day until the weekend!

So today's post is all about fall fashion!  Can we just all agree that in the rankings of all things fall it goes:

1. pumpkin spice/pumpkin-ness
2. fall fashion
3. football
4. Halloween candy
5. Hocus Pocus 
6. Fall TV premieres

I always see ideas of fall fashion grandeur on Pinterest and then try to recreate them.  Here are some of my new fall fashion ideas!

Because you know I'm all about those boots, 'bout those boots, no troubles...

Boots are the best thing about fall.  They're warm and cute and they're like the sundress of fall--they make everything look pulled together and chic.

My favorites:

These are my current obsession.  I bought these last month and I love them.  They're pricey, yes, but God are the gorgeous.  I bought these as my congrats on graduation/getting a job.  

I also love the vest over button down or sweater look.

This is actually on sale now...I know where I'm going after work tomorrow...Hello Old Navy!

I'm thinking about this outfit for my Sunday Funday with Amanda!!  With my boots :)

I love these pants!  I want them in a honey glaze color


I really want a cape!  I can wear it over leggins, (yes, I don't pronounce the /g/ because I think of it as I put my leg-in..get it?) 

I pretty much want this whole outfit.

Also, fall is nothing with out a great jean jacket.  Mine is from Loft and I wear it all the time.  I have to tell myself to only wear it once a week (lest people talk lol) 

Also, skinny jeans are necessary to wear in the fall because of the boots.  I have black jeans, pink, green, and dark blue.  

I love the raspberry color of these pants.  I think they provide a nice balance and a poppa colah to a bleak outfit.  

I also love scarves.  I have a bright orange one that I rock frequently in the fall because it adds a little fall to a jean jacket and black skinnies.

I hope you all love my list.  I'm not a tights girl so I will not post them (I think it's a residual side effect of 20 years of ballet dancing--don't have to wear tights, so I won't).  What are you all wearing this fall?



  1. I have a vest on my blog today similar to the one you have--I just need one this Fall. End of story!! :)

    1. Vests are almost as necessary for fall as pumpkin pie!

  2. i wish it were socially acceptable to wear boots, scarves and vests ALL YEAR

    1. Ugh, it really should be! Maybe there could be one week where we could wear sundresses, too?

  3. I love wearing a vest, I need a new one since I only own one!

    1. I only own one, too! I need to get on that :)