Sunday, October 12, 2014

Best Advice I've Ever Been Given

Happy Sunday!

Does anyone else just love Sundays?  We always get up, go to church, go to brunch, then wander the mall.  Thus is the life of a Southern Jersey Girl.  They're always lazy and beautiful.  I finish up my lesson plans, go for a run, and come home and binge watch Real Housewives of NJ, Manzo'd With Children, and Homeland culturally important television shows.  In the fall, we also have Soup Sundays where we make a big crock of delicious soup and devour it over the next 24 hours.  Pretty great day if you ask me.

Hopefully by the time you're reading this, I will have survived the 5k and be done with lesson plans.  Fingers crossed!

Yesterday was a local Fall festival in the district my mom and I work.  Yes, we didn't think we spent enough time together at home so we decided it was a good idea to work at the same school :)  It was as adorable as I hoped it would be.  We ran into a few students which is always fun!  As a child, did anyone else think it was totally weird to see teachers outside of school?

Totally pumped that this happened for my kids today!  I mean they probably/hopefully don't know this line, but it was probably like this for them :)

Anyway, it was totally adorable AND they had these beauties:

Think pumpkin pie with walnuts in a crunchy shell.
Everything I hoped and dreamed it would be :)

Random Revolutionary War Hero

I skipped the whole fall thing and went to the old faithful pink :)

Today on the blog link up, we are discussing the best advice we've ever been given.  Now I have received quite a bit of advice in my day.  I think advice is something people love to give out.  I think it's the antithesis of the stink eye, which ironically, is also doled out daily.  For the most part, I listen to the advice of others.  It's always refreshing and necessary to see something from a different lens.  I like to think of it as personality exfoliating.  What I don't like/want/desire/listen to are know it alls.


I do have time for people who help, give constructive criticism, and offer authentic advice.  I crave that!  As a new teacher, other peoples' advice is my lifeline.

I've broken this into categories.  Enjoy!

Love life:

Like any rational human being, if a Huxtable (even related by dating) utters a phrase (okay, maybe not Theo or Denise...) YOU believe it!  Thanks, Olivia, for always reminding us of our worth!

"You know what Miss Erin?" my babysittee (the child I was babysitting...what are they actually called?) 
"What?" I answer.
"Sometimes you have to choose Prince Charming very carefully.  You can think he looks like a Prince, but inside he might be an awful person."  Babysittee.
"You don't know how right you are!" Me.  

Why do little kids give them best advice?  We should consult them on all problems.  They answer honestly, clearly, and candidly.  


Do what you love, honor your body, MOVE everyday, and praise your accomplishments.  That was said by me.  I'm like a mini Buddha, right?  

**I'm probably the farthest thing from a zen buddha**

Eating Healthy:

Whole, happy, organic, natural foods+chocolate every day=happy smiling Erin!


"This is not a science.  You won't wreck them if you mess up a lesson."-my mentor :)

Try harder the next day.


Be kind to one another-Ellen Degeneres

Treat others the way you want to be treated-Golden Rule

Just Keep Swimming-Dori

Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you'll land among the stars.  I don't know who said this but my favorite teacher wrote this for me on my card for my NHS induction.  

Just laugh at yourself.  

When in doubt, buy the shoes.

Chocolate chip cookies and ABCFamily Christmas movies heal all wounds. The wise me said that :)

"You don't always get to be on the front line, Erin." My dance teacher told me this when I was a know it all senior dancer.  I wanted to be front and center for the show and she bluntly told me this.  I think it is applicable for all sorts of life parallels.  You shouldn't be front and center all the time.  It's not healthy for you.  You will burn out.  I wanted to work so hard to be front and center and my teacher knew this. She knew I needed to relax and not be so hard on myself.  

Wear sunscreen!


Shoes or booze.  You can't have both when going out.


Make an effort and call them.  

Go on trips together.  Experience new things together.  Be together.  Laugh until 3 am, and when your friends ask if you want to go to the diner for fries at 3 am you say YES!

What advice have you been given?  Anything still resonate with you?


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