Friday, October 10, 2014

Thanksgiving, The Serindipity Way

Happy Friday Loves!!  I hope everyone had a great day!

Mine was ehh.  I had an observation (sooooo nerve wracking!) and a meeting.  Then, when I was just about ready to go home, my mom asked me to help her with her SMARTboard.  For you non-teacher folk, or anyone catching up, my mom and I work at the same school.  It's bueno 99% of the time (especially when she brings M&Ms and I eat them all...enter wicked laugh here!).  And SMARTboards are like giant iPads that are wonderful and necessary in modern classrooms.  Anyway, our district just got them for every classroom in the elementary schools and I learned about them in college, so I get to show my mom how to work them!  It's pretty fun to be the expert, especially when you're new and not really the expert on anything else!  I'm happy to be home now and getting ready to go to dinner and the movies with my friend, Jess.  Girls Nites are always gold in my book!  Today was also kinda rainy and dingy.

Anyway, today's post will be about my favorite Thanksgiving tradition.  I have to tell you that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  I love eating, I love family, and I love FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes!  Thanksgiving was always a "Just Us 4" holiday.  Just my mom, dad, Dylan, and me.  We like it that way beacuse it's low key no one judges us for staying in our pj's all day.  Every year my brother, Dylan and I, watch every episode (there are 9 if you are wondering) of FRIENDS that is Thanksgiving themed!  We start our day off with some Pillsbury Cinnamon Grands and watch a few episodes.  Then, we take a small break to eat the Thanksgiving apps (does anyone else get the 11:00 am Thanksgiving Hangries?) of veggies, shrimp cocktail, artichoke dip, the works!  Then, our pajama clad selves mosey on over to the living room and watch the rest of the shows.

Does anyone else just love FRIENDS?!  We're obsessed over here!  We've watched it since it started and it really is just gold!  I was probably the only 7 year old watching FRIENDS, but that's like a cow's opinion, it's moo.

Next, we all gather together and say Grace, listen to Christmas music playing in the background, stuff our faces with turkey, mashed potatoes (cauliflower for me), asparagus and spinach, and cranberry sauce!  I get my own can of the purple goodness because I am a cranberry sauce connoisseur!  What's strange is that we only eat cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Is it a fancy food?  Because I'm pretty sure we buy it from an Oceanspray can...Does anyone else's family do that?  Also, for some reason, I have pulled my self out of my pajamas and convinced my soul that fancy clothes are the best thing.  I think this tradition will end soon...I'm foreseeing a Very Yoga Pants Thanksgiving this year.

After dinner, we all lounge around, eat pie (pumpkin AND apple because we're just that cool:)) and watch ELF!  I lurve ELF!  It's such a good movie!  Who doesn't love Buddy?  No one, that's who!

Finally, after all of the festivities are done, I power nap until midnight and then go Black Friday Shopping!!

That's pretty much it, low key, FRIENDSfull, and foodfull...just the way I like it!  What are your Thanksgiving traditions?!



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