Monday, October 13, 2014

Favorite Childhood Memory

Happy Tuesday!

Only 3 more wake ups until the weekend!

My favorite childhood memory is probably a little unorthodox.  As a child, my favorite show was Saturday Night Live.  Not kidding.  I was probably about 4 and knew all the words to all of The Cheerleaders, Celebrity Jeopardy, and Mary Catherine Gallagher.  I know, I know, what kinda awesome parents do I have?!  The bestest! I loved pretending to go to sleep at 8 and then waking up as soon as I heard, "It's Saturday Night LiIIIVe!"  I would scurry downstairs in my Barbie jammies and we'd watch the first half hour of the show and then head off to Ponzio's (a local authentic Jersey diner with amazing double chocolate layer cake) for some midnight dessert.  It was just my mom, dad, and me and I loved it all.  I felt like the coolest person in the diner (which is actually really hard in NJ, because diners attract all sorts of awesome people.  In Southern NJ, on your way back from Philly after clubbing, you will inevitably stop at a diner for some "diner fries".)  So as you can tell, being 4 and rocking some sweats and Cinderella dress up high heels!  Don't judge, y'all totally did that, too!  They were HOT!  I walked around like I owned the place!  The irony of wearing Cinderella's shoes after midnight was not lost on me.  I would always get chocolate cake and a Pepsi.  Great parents!  Soda and cake after midnight!  Wonderful!!  This is what I plan on doing for my kids one day!  These were simple and amazing moments with my parents.  I think they did this so I wouldn't be jealous of my baby brother.  Even though he was only a few months old, they told me not to tell him.  I think this solidified the strong foundation my parents and I have now.

What are some of your best memories?




  1. I love this. I used to have those little plastic heels too, and they were my FAVORITE of all shoes. I could argue the socks off of anyone who tried to tell me my sparkly heels and overalls didn't go well together!

  2. Ok, that is super unorthodox but so fun!!! And look, it provided some awesome memories for you. Love it!