Friday, October 24, 2014

My Favorite Book

Hi Friends,

Happy Saturday!  I'm on my way to Virginia to visit Dylan.  It's crazy that he's already a junior, my baby brother is all grown up.

We're also going to Texas Roadhouse!  #Ihavehighbrowtasteinfood

Much Ado About Nothing was fabulous!  Deb and my Dad thought it was a musical...adorable.  Beatrice is my third favorite literary heroine.  "I will only marry when men are made of a metal other than Earth."  That wit glitter is gold.

I love today's topic.  As a teacher, I am constantly reading and looking for new books.


wink ;)

 Here is my favorite book.  It's a children's book, because I think the best literature is written for children.

1. Chrysanthemum She is my favorite literary character!  She is wonderful and hilarious!  The book teaches any reading pillar and will illustrate almost any character education policy.  For those of you who don't know about this gem (Get thee to a library...okay, all done with the Shakespeare quotes) Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes, is about a mouse-girl named Chrysanthemum who loves her name and has a whole bunch of self-confidence, but then goes to school and this mean girl, Victoria, makes fun of her name and this makes Chrysanthemum wilt.  The book is a quest to build her up, and thanks to a teacher she gets back to her confident self.  At the end of the book, Victoria gets hers.  Can you say karma?


Gold, my friends, gold!  I'm a big fan of karma :) I love this book because it teaches you not to be a bully and to love your quirks.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  I'm currently en route to Virginia and therefore watching Pitch Perfect and/or Elf.  

Love, Love, Love,



  1. I loved Chrysanthemum when I was a kid, I totally forgot about this book! Thanks for posting about it and allowing me to walk down memory lane! PS Beatrice is by far my favorite Shakespeare character and Beatrice and Benedick are maybe my favorite romantic couple in all of literature!

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    1. It's an awesome book! Love me some girl power