Thursday, October 2, 2014

If I Won The Lottery

Whenever I think of this topic I instantly think of the song, "If I won a million dollars!"  Let me just preface this with I have won the lottery before.  The scratch off kind that is.  My family plays lottery games at all of our holiday parties and they are so much fun!

Let's just say I have definitely thought of some really great ideas!!

-I'd pay off Dylan and my student loans.  I hate paying off student loans at 7% interest.  It's really wrong and should be illegal.  I'll never understand why people are being penalized for being well educated.

-I'd buy a house for myself.  Not a large one because I hate lawn work.  Maybe I will just have a house built on a lot and build the house to the perimeter of my lot so I don't have to worry about lawn care.

-I'd buy lots of shoes.  I'd make myself the most beautiful, Carrie Bradshaw worthy closet that there ever was.  I'd buy heels, boots (swoon boots), flats, and crazy cool ones!

-I'd invest a lot of my money

-I'd start a scholarship program for women who want to be teachers.  I'd send them to TCNJ and pay for their tuition.

-I'd buy a beach house for rental purposes and Girls' Weekends!

-I'd buy a hot pink Barbie Jeep for the sole purpose of it being precious.

-I'd hire a personal chef to cook me healthy meals

-I'd buy all the things in all the things.

-I'd buy a movie theater with beds to sleep in instead of chairs.  That way I could go to the movies like God sweats, messy bun, and no make up.

That's it.  Pretty boring, I know, but that's all I want.


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