Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

How is everyone's week going?  Mine is pretty good-low key which is a nice change of pace from my busy weekend.

P.S. I'm still drooling over Amanda's cake :)

Monday was Bachelorette viewing party!

The A-Team
Deb made Mango Margaritas with spicy rim salt :)
Peach sangria!

Today is a busy one my friends.  I have a 5 am 5 miler scheduled.  Then it's b-fast part 2 (hello heavenly oats) and then tutoring from 9:30-10:30.  Then I have a weights date.  Then it's shower and snacky time before tutoring take two.  Then it's lunch and green juice.  Finally, it's happy hour followed by dinner and an early night.

So anyway, here's what I've been eating lately.

Breakfast is still the same oatmeal that I lurve.

Snackage has been pretty simple:

pineapple:) My favorite summer fruit

Carrots and garlic hummus

Green juice

Paleo chocolate chip banana bread.

I don't know what happened to it…no one seemed to like it ;)

Plutos or plumcots depending on the store.  These are delicious and super sweet yet tangy.

Lunches and dinners have been either this peach gorgonzola (goat cheese) pizza

So good and so simple!  
Recipe found her -------> best healthy pizza ever

or this big daddy.

Garlic lime Sriracha chicken with Southwestern Quinoa salad.

Freaking delicious! 

Today I also had a vodka with Crystal Light at happy hour.  Is it weird that I bring my own Crystal Light?

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!  I'll be back tomorrow with all the feels about Phillies fans and their *habits*.



PS!  Teacher friends-Target had these bad johnnies for just $1!  I used these last year and they were awesome!  I'm thinking of revamping my writing station so these will play into that :)

Awwww yeah!

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