Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap: 4th of July Edition

Happy Oxymoron Day!

Did everyone enjoy their 3 Day Weekend?  Did everyone celebrate America's birthday?

I had an eventful weekend.  Friday was a relaxing--hot--day.

Friday started with Bikram Yoga.  I'll do a full post on that later, but the highlights:

  • 105 degrees with 40% humidity is TOUGH!  I've never sweated that much in my entire life.  I also never in a million years thought I would be so comfortable in booty shorts and a sports bra in front of so many strangers.  
  • I loved it!  After you figure out how to deal with the heat, the practice is extremely enjoyable.  
  • I like when you are competing against yourself to better yourself and that's what yoga is for me.
  • You stop thinking about everything and anything but the heat--great way to work out problems :)
Fun Fact-the studio changed the start time due to the holiday weekend and I was an hour early.  I went to Wegman's to run errands and ran into a student in my booty shorts outfit!  #awkward

After yoga juice


After yoga, I went home to shower and wash my clothes/mat/towels and then went to lay out.  I heart my pool.

That night, I went to get my first facial.  


I may never go back.  I have always suffered from acne, ever since I was 10 and some things work for a little while, but never seem to be able to have a lasting effect.  I've been on Acutane and every dermalogocial medication you can name.  Acutane worked but I still have regular break outs.  I have been trialing different OTC treatments for a few months.  This facial was an acne facial and the facialist used Murad products.  She gave me a sample on the way out the door and I am loving it so far.  If anyone has any acne recommendations please feel free to tell me in the comments.

I loved my facial and make it a monthly treat to myself.  It was heaven.  I loved how relaxed and calming it was.  They even put little oven mitt things on my hands and warmed the bed.  OMG!


This little beauty made her way into my cart at Target!
All hail the return of the green juice <3

Friday night I went to bed early (after watching a sad loss by the Phils) so I could prep for my race.

The race was at 8:30 am and only about 5 minutes away so I could relax until about 7:30.

4th of July Oats

To be honest I wasn't feeling this race.  I almost dropped out of it the night before, but decided to stick with it.  I just felt kinda blah.  I always have to pee a million times before a race--Too much information?

I ended up doing really well at the race.  I always start a race too fast, though. I ran the first mile in 6 minutes and 18 seconds.  Wayyyyyy too fast.  I run an 8 minute mile usually.  I started to get winded about 2.5 miles in.

On the race trail I saw some of my friends and I waved to them.  They're always the best motivation to keep running.  Since we ran through a town, there were people passing out cups of water for the runners.  It's hard to run while drinking water, btw. 

I PR'd though!  23:27!!  33 seconds faster than my 5k last month.  

After the race I met my parents at the parade.  I got the obligatory Cherry SnoCone!  Does anyone else have a certain food that they only eat at a parade?  I search out the SnoCone guy with the blue and white umbrella!  There are about 4 different vendors at this parade, but this guy is the best.  He's more low-key than the others who have flashy vans/trucks.  

I hung with the cousins and taught them how to get candy the right way…



Then we went to our family's Fourth Of July Party.  Apparently my entire family is in on the 'Find Erin a Boyfriend Odyssey' and my cousin brought 2 (maybe 22 years old tops) over to meet me.  In case you're wondering, I was wearing a race tee, carrying a plate to go get BBQ seconds, and stinky like I just ran a 5k.  HAWT!  It was awkward as it could have been.  :)


After the BBQ, we went back to our house and hung inside.  It was about 70 degrees and freezing!!!  I wore celebratory sweat pants in JULY!  I'm not okay with that.  July is for cut offs!  We had a delicious  BBQ at home.

Watermelon, parmesan, and arugula salad with lemon dressing.
Trust me, the flavors sound weird, but it's a combo you need in your life!

BBQ Chicken, watermelon, and pickles<3

Pre-dinner dessert was this recipe!

Blueberry oatmeal cookie crumble!
topped with chocolate almond milk ice cream
Gina's recipes are my fave!  They're easy, quick, healthy, and delicious!   It was AMAZING!  Mind. Blown.  

Next, Jess came over and we went to see fireworks at the Camden River Front with the family :)

Car selfies…must do
Told ya it was chillay
Awkward fam selfie <3


 A local radio station synced a mashup of patriotic songs to coincide with the fireworks.
Twas loverly!

River Front Philly being all patriotic!

Nobody does the 4th like those who did it 1st

My favorite skyline

Sunday was a long 10 mile run.  Followed by church, mall run, and the movies with Jess.

Williams and Sonoma BBQ sauce sample table.

We went to see Magic Mike XXL, it was NOT good.  The movie was worse than the first one.  There is zero plot, great dancing though, and poor acting.  But, let's be honest…does anyone go to Magic Mike for the acting?  No, no they don't.

 Dinner was my dining al fresco at Panera.  I love Panera's summer menu because the salads are OMG amazing!  I got the lemon chicken orzo soup and Quinoa and Chicken Mediterranean Greek Salad with a sprouted grain roll.  Crazy insanely good.  I don't like olives, but I love them in this salad.  Flavor explosion!

Tonight I'm having a little Bachelorette viewing party and am making pita pizzas.  I think I'll head to the farmer's market to get the ingredients and some juicing necessities.  I already went to hot yoga today and lurved it.

Have a Happy MONDAY!!!



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