Thursday, July 2, 2015

A-Z Survey

Hey Friends!

How is everyone's Thursday?  

Last night was a gym Girls' Nite at Seasons 52.  It was amazing as always.  The girls and I joked that this was the first time we've seen each other in "normal" non gym clothes.  I got the usual BBQ Chicken salad with goat cheese instead of bleu and no seeds.  Then epic dessert happened.  Peanut Butter Mousse Cake!  Excuse me while I go wipe the drool from my face :)

*Insert Choir of Angels here*

Today I'm gearing up for a full day of work.  I'm squeezing in a 5 mile 5 am run--still loving these am runs!  Seriously, 2 years ago if you had asked me to get up at 5 am and run I would have smacked you with my pillow and rolled back over.  


After the run, I have some errands to do, then I have 2 back to back tutoring sessions.  After tutoring I'm going to try and get a manicure as a nice relaxing break.

Later on, I'm babysitting one of my favorite families!  I love babysitting.  People keep asking me if I still babysit--apparently being 24.5 and working full time as a teacher means that I don't want to hang out with the rug rats?  No WAY!  I love babysitting.  It's like being the cool fun aunt!

I'm coming off my Tuesday night yoga high and therefore I was scrolling through Groupon and found a Groupon for a local Bikram yoga studio.  I bought the Groupon and can't wait to try the class!  I've never done Bikram or "hot yoga" before.  If anyone has and wants to send a girl some info/tips/tricks feel free to do so in the comments section!  I'd be very appreciative.  I'm going to start on Friday so I'll give you the low down soon.  

Anyway, today I thought it would be fun to follow in one of my favorite blogger's foot steps and jump on the A-Z survey train.  Julie at PB Fingers is a huge blogspiration of mine.  She's so much fun and so bubbly and upbeat.  Did everyone just do the scene from How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days "…but surprisingly…upbeat!"  If you said yes, that's why we're friends :)


Here we go…

A.  Age: 24.5

B.  Biggest Fear:  CATS!  and the dark…especially my kitchen with the big glass door that I fear one day will have a murderer waiting there.  


C.  Current Time:  6:28 pm 

D. Drink You Last Had:  refreshing tap water

E.   Easiest Person To Talk To:  any of my girlfriends or my dad

F.  Favorite Song:  This kinda changes, but today it's Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks or the classic go to Live Your Life T.I. Featuring Rihanna 

G.  Grossest Memory:  After PR-ing my 5k I was covered in a mix of sunscreen, sweat, and boogers.  Too real?  

H.  Hometown:  South Jersey Girl For Ever!

I.  In Love With:  My current life--loving my great friends, summer happiness, and long lazy pool days.  I do miss my kiddos, though...

J.  Jealous of:  Boys and their metabolism.  I'd kill to be able to eat like my brother does--wings, cheesesteaks, cookies, junk food, the works!  If I look at a cheesesteak I gain 5 pounds.

K.  Kindest Person You Know:  My Pilates instructor.  She takes care of everyone in class and kindness and love shine out of her face.  Every time I leave her class my heart just feels whole and I feel so much calmer  (Very tough for TYPE-A Miss Erin)

L.  Longest Relationship:  Ok, so we all know that I'm not the luckiest girl in (lasting) love, so I'm gonna go the friendship route--22 years with my friend Amy!  21 years with my friend Steph!  16 years with Amanda!  15 years with Cait!

M.  Middle Name:  Maura

N.  Number of Siblings:  Uno
The one and only Dylan :)

O.  One Wish:  That all of my students live happy productive lives and continue to believe in themselves

P.  Person You Spoke to Last on the Phone:  Mandi from Seasons 52.  Gotta confirm those dinner rezzies

Q.  Question You're Always Asked:  Do you have a boyfriend?  Seriously, once a week I'm asked this.  One time I'm going to say yes and point to a random man who clearly is not my boyfriend.  


R.  Reason To Smile:  Going to New Orleans to visit Zach in less than 2 months!  We've been friends since high school and every summer I visit him in NOLA!

Princess Tiana's Castle!

S.  Song You Last Sang:  Toby Keith's Drinks After Work

T.  Time You Woke Up:  7 am

U.  Underwear Color:  grey…not granny panty grey though lol

V.  Vacation Destination:  I'm going to Annapolis, D.C., and NOLA this summer…also Disney is a top fave…I'm looking at you November!  I prefer cities over beaches

W.  Worst Habit:  Perfectionism?  Nail Biting?  Overanalyzing ehhhhverrrryyyyything?  All or any of the above :)

X.  X-Rays You've Had:  Nada

Y. Your Favorite Food:  Ooooo it's a tie between Brown Sugar/Cracked Black Pepper salmon and Seasons 52's BBQ Chicken Salad

Z.  Zodiac Sign:  Sagittarius 

I hope you all enjoyed this!  Feel free to join me in the party and tell me some (or all) of your A-Z facts

Happy Thursday!



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