Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Oxymoron Day,

How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was super bueno!  Busy, bustling, and full of friends.  Just the way I like it.

A little prep for the conert

Friday started out with a much needed OFF day from working out.  The girls and I went to Florida Georgia Line.  Thomas Rhett and Frankie Ballard opened for them.  All of them were fantastic.  TR performed a new song off his upcoming album and he told us his wife asked him to write a song that wasn't about beer.  So he penned a beautiful love song for her.  I melted.

FGL killing it!
Male entertainers rarely dance and bounce around the stage, but FGL kills it!  They jump around, bounce around, and dance.  It hypes everyone up.  If you want a party concert--you go to FGL!

Their logo
The girls getting ready to get our Shine On

FGL did a great job and we dance all night long!
Sometimes you can't really dance to country music, but FGL makes it easy.
25K strong

Random hibiscus flower in the bathroom…because why not?

Saturday was a packed day.  It started with my favorite kind of triathlon:  Zumba, Spin, and Pilates.  I also did a weight session.  After the workout frenzy, I headed to get my nails done.  My manicurist saved me the last bottle of O.P.I.'s Cajun Shrimp nail polish--she's a gem!  (It really is the best color, thus being sold out frequently from every store…EVER)

Cajun Shrimp FOR THE WIN!

After my mani, I headed home to prep for Amanda's beautiful engagement party!

I made watermelon, goat cheese, balsamic, and whole wheat petit toasts.

Flavor explosion!  These are delicious--creamy, crunchy, sweet, tangy, strong, mild--all things wonderful!
The beautiful bride and me!  I wore pink to match our bride's maids dresses

Adorable napkins picked out by the groom-to-be
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The beautiful happy couple!
Matron of Honor and two bridesmaids 
Lilly cups!  Green cups with pink sangria and a pink and white straw :)
Monogrammed water bottles?  How cute!

The beautiful cake that her aunt made!  The top layer was mint chocolate chip, middle layer chocolate chip, and bottom layer was vanilla.  I actually miss this cake. 
The delicious cake!

Cheers to chocolate covered pretzels

As a friend there is nothing better than seeing your bestie deliriously happy and in love.  I'm so excited to be a part of their big day.  I always feel like when my friends are settled and happy, I'm happier.  

Sunday was spent with a long 10 mile run.  The last 10 mile run of my training!  Next week starts 11 miles!  Every mile longer I realize that I'm 1 mile closer to Disney World.  I'm really excited :)  As you know, I've been dealing with a boy ghost (the worst kind of ghost) for a while, but last week I finally released him and my speed went down by a whole minute.  I think it's my karma reward for letting go :)


Post-Run fuel, no?  
Amanda's aunt made these, too!  I ate the stem and shared the rest with the parentals.  They were mucho appreciative.  And yes, it was as delicious as it looked.

The rest of the day was spent meal prepping for the week.  Lunches and dinners will be garlic, lime, sriarcha chicken with Southwestern Quinoa salad.  I will post pics later before I demolish it.  

Sunday night, Kate and I went to Woflgang Puck's American Grille (not sure why an American restaurant is spelling grille the English way?  But I digress) at the Borgata.  We pretended we were real Housewives of NJ.  I had the Salmon Hong Kong style.  It was face rocking amazing!  

Sangria Cheers!  Note the matching Cajun Shrimp nails

Your lips taste like Sangreeeeeuhhhh!
*Fun Deb Story* Deb hates that song because she's like, "Why would anyone want to kiss someone who tastes like wine?  That's gross"  LOVE HER

Delicious Bread.  Seriously the square piece tasted like Thanksgiving

Triangle pizza flatbread thingy

Salmon Hong Kong Style

Kate's pasta dish!  We played switch-a-roo and hers was amazing

Doesn't this remind you of Belle's library in the Beast's castle

Ariel/Finding Nemo moment

Ahhh, gluten free chocolate cupcake :)

Classy girls wander AC with dessert

Reality of how we eat and wander the casinos 

Isn't this the cutest sign?  I love the message--little life happinesses

Elevator Photo Shoot

Because that's what we do

When we get bored
Fun fact-we kept sending the elevator to different floors so we could play and take pix.  

Anyway, I heard there's a farmer's market trip for me tomorrow so I'm off to bed so I can scour the cream of the crop (for real lol…like my pun?  I'm a dork, I know)  I'm in the (farmer's) market for peaches, zucchini, and maybe some raw honey.  Can you guess what I'm going to make?  I'll recap it and post the recipe soon!

Tomorrow the girls are coming over for The Bachelorette finale!  Whose team are you on?  I'm Team Shawn, but I have to say that I think he's too good for her.  I'm totally Team Ben Z. for Bachelor 2016, though.  He even sits like a hot guy!  He's so cute :)  I digress.

I'm going to leave you with a FGL quote that I'm fawning over:

Follow your trouble like a champagne bubble.  

Eventually it will pop and be like nothing was ever there.  

See you later,


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