Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap Tay Tay Edition

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was extra exciting because I got to go see…

How does Taylor know my It's Friday Dance?

And I was all like...

Friday was pretty uneventful.  I went to tutoring, the dentist (which was kinda awesome because the hygentiest and I spent about 20 minutes discussing The Bachleorette and how it's awful this season…this might have been a distraction technique to cleverly avoid the scraper tool of death!) Friday night, Jess and I went to a skincare party.  

Now on to TAYLOR!

Kate, Dev, and I went to the concert at MetLife Stadium (my first time at this stadium--I'm an Eagles fan, but I'm not going to life…MetLife has a very nice stadium!).

MetLife also serves Rita's and Mrs. Fields' Cookies!  I didn't have any but they looked foodgasmic!  

*Also, Alice signals Wonderland--my fave Taylor song form 1989!*

Before the show, Cody wanted a picture with me.
I obliged, but he had to twist my arm...
All Taylor concerts start off with a good pre-concert tour bus pic!
Close up!

Also, in the parking lot I found my doppelgänger !  She had the cutest daughters and husband--wouldn't mind if I ended up living a life like hers

I was surprised that they had healthy-ish fare.  

Organic Chicken Kabobs!
Came with an unhealthy white bread bun…I still ate the bun, though.
The chicken was actually really good and well flavored-no additional sauces need.  It was more like a couple of cut up chicken pieces on bread with some peppers thrown in there, but it was still yummy and way healthier than the nuggets and fries alternative.  
Pre-concert selfie with Kate and Dev

The openers were Shawn Mendes (cute but about 17 and sounded like a teeny bopper).  The girl behind us went crazy for him!  Haim was next.  They're a little too rock and roll for this country girl's ears.  Vance Joy was the third opener.  We took a wander during his set but came back for Rip Tide.  

Anticipating Tay!!

The best thing about Taylor's concerts is that they show little videos, interviews, and snip-its of her work/videos/appearances on the side screens before the concert and in between sets.
Taylor's stage!

Tay coming to the stage!  She came out to Welcome To New York

Nick Jonas was our special guest!
Maybe it's just me, but did everyone forget that Fearless was ALL about Joe Jonas--Taylor's first public ex?  I'm proud of her for moving on.  Nick was our special guest because he is a true Jersey Boy!  He sang Jealous and the place literally moved beneath our feet.  That's Taylor fans for ya!

Taylor fans are not just Taylor fans, they're Taylor FANS!  People dress up as characters from her videos, interviews, etc.  It's insane!  There were multiple people in White Swan-esque tutus from the Shake It Off video complete with pointe shoes.  As a retired ballerina, I can assure you, no one wants to wear pointe shoes, tights, and a tutu if you don't have to.  Plus, those shoes are crazy expensive and the floor of the stadium is going to ruin your shoes!  

*People dress up in hopes of going to the T-Party after the show*

During Style the Victoria's Secret Angels came to the stage!!!!

Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Martha Hunt, and Gigi Hadid

CRAZY EYES was here!

The models cat walking!

Gorgeous Set!

Taylor's stage rotated on a 360 turner.  

We all had light up bracelets that coordinated with the songs to create a magical feel!
Our section was full of awesome people!  That really makes the concert in my opinion.  We bonded over a mutual distaste for seat hoppers.  Seat hoppers are people who buy random individual tickets because the show is almost sold out and then try to find x number of seats next to each other.  These girls kept trying to steal everyone's seats and then saying they sold the seats to the seat patrons on StubHub.  The real seat patrons were like, no you didn't--we bought them on Ticketmaster.  

Go back to December, ladies!  

Our group of champions!

In our group we had such fun people!  I discussed the suckiness of Bachelorette with my fellow Tay fans.  Then, when Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now came on, I said, does this remind anyone of the Full House episode with Tiffany Live From Tokyo?  And the girl behind me said yes and then we did the dance!

If you need a refresher…You're Welcome!

Then, Tay had a light up pink dress and the girl behind me and I reminisced about THIS FULL HOUSE MOMENT!


Random, but does anyone remember the episode when Kimmy almost marries Dwayne?  LOVED that episode!

The concert was amazing as you can imagine!  It was a long show, which made me super excited because I love jamming and dancing with my section mates!  This was my 7th Taylor concert--fan since the hand heart and hair flipping era!  She played most of her CD with the exception of 

Taylor's concerts are not only beautiful visually, but beautifully emotional.  Tay always says that you should not take crap from guys.  She said they have two choices--stay or go.  Very much what I needed to hear.  I still miss my Mr. Big, but I think with Tay's help I'm getting better.  At the end of the show, Taylor's backdrop said She lost the guy, but found herself.  

I spent Sunday recovering (2 hour trip home is not fun+a 10 mile run on 4 hours of sleep) by going for a run, church, and lounging by the pool with a quick little cat nap.  I baked some brownies for Bachelorette tomorrow night.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Did anyone else go see Tay this summer?  Is anyone going in the future?




  1. I saw her at both her shows in philly

    1. Yay!!! I love Philly concerts best! Did you jam to Fight Song? That's my new fave song :) Isn't Taylor the best? It's half concert half therapy session!

  2. I didn't know fight song before the concert but now I like it. Taylor is awesome. And yes it is!