Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day In The Life

Happy Tuesday!

How is everyone doing? I'm doing pretty fab right now. Today is a nice quiet day so I figured I'd write out a quick Day In The Life post for you all. I read this on Jen's blog and loved the idea. 

I'm a nosy person and I love to know what everyone does all day? Anyone else like that or am I the only weirdo?

Here goes!

5:30 am wake up, brush teefers, wash face, make tight pony tail for my morning run. 

5:50 am eat breakfast cookie for some pre-run fuel 

6 am- 5 mile run

6:45-7- shower my sweaty face (also time for shower concert!)

7-8:30-oatmeal breakfast and catch up on RHOC from last night. Is anyone else loving Meghan this season?  I'm a HUGE fan!  I think she's refreshing and just what the doctor (Andy Cohen) ordered. Before her I didn't really have a favorite. 

8:35-go to hot yoga. I'm almost done my 5 session groupon and idk if I'm going to continue. I might try out some new yoga styles before I commit. 

9-10:30-sweat my asana off

10:30-11:30-return home for shower #2

11:30-12-eat lunch, check email, check social media, and blog. Lunch today is Wegman's organic vegetable and barley soup. 

12-4pool lounging and catching up on some glamour magazines

4-4:30-pm snackage of baby carrots, gahhhhhhlick hummus, and a green juice. 

4:45- leave for Pilates and barre. 



7-dinner of grilled chicken with mango salsa and veggies

8-get ready for bed


10-go to bedddddddd

I hope you enjoyed reading this day in the life blog. I swear j actually do work in the summer but today was a much needed (and rare) day off. 

What does a day in your life look like?



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