Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday #2

Happy Hump Day!

How is everyone's week going?  Mine is pretty bueno.  I've been doing a lot of cooking lately.  I'm excited to catch you up on some of my new recipes!

I'm excited to continue this new series on the blog.  As I said in my first WIAW post, I love reading what other people are eating/cooking/making, etc!

I'll cut right to the chase and let you all in on my recent eats.  I've been eating A LOT lately and I feel like I need to reel it in a little bit.

I've been eating these oatmeal breakfast cookies from The Fitnessista every Sunday, Tuesdsay, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before my 5 mile run.  They're the perfect amount of food to give you energy without weighing you down.

Oatmeal has been the staple breakfast, but I'm getting CARRIED away with the peanut butter.  I need to cut back on that.  A jar every week is not the healthiest thing ever.

My breakfast foodgasm<3

Lunches have been grilled chicken and veggies.  I've also added a dollop of Wholly Chipotle Bean Dip. It's a great organic, pronounce everything in the label product.  At 35 calories a serving, I'm sold.  Plus it's deceivingly spicy!  

All of the watermelon.  GET IN MY BELLY!  

Deb made banana chocolate chip bread.  I had a slice today.  Twas fab! 

Dinner the past few days has been pita pizzas.  Don't hate me, but I'm not a *HUGE* pizza girl.  I think I ate too much as a child (every Friday holla!) and now I'm just meh about it.  BUT on Monday nights the girls come over for Bachelorette and we make a healthy dinner.  I had dreams of artichokes and Jersey tomatoes dancing in my head and I decided to make a pizza!

Not the BEST pic...

Whole grain pita from Wegman's
One sliced Jersey tomato
1 oz goat gouda
1/4 of Cento artichoke hearts
sprinkle of garlic
sprinkle of Italian seasonings
sprinkle of oregano 

What I'm most excited about is THE RETURN OF JUICE!  

Recipe Here

I've also been visiting the Farmer's Market recently for my blueberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  All about that Jersey produce!

I've also been loving purple grapes.  

Happy Wednesday!  I have a morning run, a tutoring session, a visit to the bank, Staples for ink, and Pilates/barre/weights, and tentative dinner plans with Cara.

Enjoy your day!


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