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Welcome To Miami

Happy Tuesday!

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So I'm a little late on my posts, but here is my Miami Bachelorette Trip Review!

If you are a frequent reader (Thank YOU) then you know I went to Miami for Amanda's Bachelorette Party!

Miami was a whirlwind!  Our flight left Saturday morning at 6:50.  We met up with the guys in Tony's bachelor party for a quick hello.

...P.S. I did sleep on the plane and gave my Nap Anywhere Reputation a huge boost!

When we got to the airport we quickly signed her card and presented her with her itinerary!  

Pink and sparkly!  Just like our bride!

The Miami Girls!

We all wore our Bridesmaids tank tops to rep our squad.  **Fun Fact** If you wear said tank top, you will get free things.  At 5:12 am, someone bought me my SMARTWater.  SCORE!

The flight there was easy and relaxing.  Once we landed, the car picked us up and we picked up some champagne to toast our bride.  Next, we checked into our hotel and left our luggage at the desk.  The HANGRY MONSTER had officially taken over and we went down to Ocean Drive and grabbed some Mexican food.  The owner brought over some complimentary and cheekily named shots for us.  He also took 20% off our bill.  Is it wrong if I wear the Bridesmaids tank just for the discount?!   I kid...I kid...maybe...

Lunch Bunch

After lunch, we returned to the hotel and moved our stuff into the room.  We decorated the room with Bachelorette Party signs and banners.  We showered, primped, and toasted our bride with our champs.  

Sashes on!

We went to dinner at Cecconi's at the SoHo House.  Gorgeous does not even begin to describe this restaurant.  For my Sex and the City fellow fans, this is the hotel where Samantha pretends to be Annabelle Bronstein to use the pool.  And after viewing the pool...I understand what she did :)

The food was amazing!  It was all handmade Italian food (a nod to Amanda's heritage) and was so.stinking.delicious!

The restaurant was an open air restaurant with beautiful tea lights hanging from the trees.  

After dinner, we headed over to the Liv Pre-Party at Señor Frogs.  We hung out and danced for a bit before the limo picked us up and we headed over to Liv.  

We never met a step and repeat that we didn't love

Look at that photobomber! 

Doesn't he look like Scott Disick? 
The club was really fun, but the guest DJ was kind of strange.  He was from Norway and he had really solid EDM jams, but it's a little hard to dance to them.  To accompany his set, he brought dancers and they were very...unique!  The club was packed and we had to dance very vertically lol  No big arms or moves allowed.

When we finally returned to the hotel around 3 am, we went right to bed.

On Sunday, Amanda and my high school friend drove in from Orlando to spend the day with our Bride Tribe.

Caitlyn is an amazing pastry chef and brought us some Bachelorette Party cookies!  We devoured them and relied on them to provide us with some much needed energy.

How cute are the baggies the cookies came in?

A champagne flute, a diamond ring, and a calendar with July 30th marked on it!

Cait, her girlfriend, and our Bride Tribe (Meg, Candis, Amanda, and I) headed out to do some shopping on Collins Ave.  We stopped in Dash Miami and Amanda got a candle.  We then headed to a Cuban diner for lunch.  

Bride Tribe!

The lunch was everything I wanted:  chicken, Spanish sauce, and plantains!  

After lunch, we headed to Miami Beach for a beach trip.  The water was amazing!  It was crystal clear and soooooo warm!  

Quick shopping trip!

Sunday Dinner

After the beach, we headed back to the hotel, bid adieu to Cait and her girlfriend, and then got ready for dinner.  We went to A Fish Called Avalon.  We decided to split some entrees and apps between us all.  This was probably my favorite dinner.  Not only was the food amazing (Hello Watermelon BBQ Sauce), but at one point I looked around the table and noticed all of us just laughing, smiling, and enjoying our was a beautiful moment.

After dinner, we headed to Nikki Beach to have a beach party.  It was a really cool place, full of palm trees, cabanas, and beach bars.  They also had a pizza bar!  Yep, you can create a personalized pizza at a poolside bar!  

Girls by a changing Teepee

After Nikki Beach we walked down Ocean Drive and stopped in to some bars.  We danced, sang, and carried on celebrating Amanda's last single girl weekend!  

We returned to the hotel around 3:30 am and played some silly Bachelorette party games.  We drifted off around 4:30 am and then were rudely woken up at 8 the alarm clock!  We were all exhausted as we prepped for brunch with the boys.  

We met up at Fontainebleau's restaurant Vida.  It was a great place for brunch.  I got smoked salmon, grapefruit, and a much needed green juice.  We needed a quick detox from the party fun.  We all laughed and exchanged stories from the weekend.  

Afterwards, we headed outside to sip water by the beautiful pool.  

Next stop?  The airport.  I've never seen a more crowded airport!  It didn't help that the Northeast was experiencing huge storms and therefore delays.  We made it to Atlanta where our connector was supposed to depart about 30 mins after we landed, but we ended up having to wait around for 2 hours!  We decided to go wander the airport (my favorite airport BTW) and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings for some last minute vacation desserts and drinks.  While we were walking back to the gate, we saw Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker!  

Amanda and I LOVE her!  We used to watch her E! show in college all the time!  She was so sweet and agreed to take a picture with us.  

It should be unfair to look that cute in the airport with 2 small kids.

The flight home was long!  Not only did we trolley around the runway for 40 minutes before we even took off, we had to circle in the air for another 20 minutes before we landed.  Every plane going to the Northeast was delayed, and therefore was trying to land at the same time in Philly.  Once we landed, we got our luggage and then began the waiting game.  With the DNC in town, I had to wait for an hour for my parents to drive the usually 5 minute drive from the cell phone lot to pick me up.  Then, it took another hour to drive the usual 20 minute drive home because I-95 was rerouted for security purposes.  

Miami was a wonderful trip and I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!  Who is watching Bachelorette tonight?!




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