Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

HHappy Last Week of August!

Can you believe how fast the summer went?? I know *technically* we have one more month of summer, but I consider the first day of school to be the first day of fall. 

Well, this weekend was a full one!  It always takes a little bit of recoup time after a vacation, but I bounced right back into the usual routine. 

Friday am I had an early morning run followed by a tutoring session. I hit up the gym for an upper body training session. After eating gross cruise food and not really working out for 5 days it felt AMAZING to get sweaty and really workout. 

Friday night Cait and I went to see Keith Urban rock out at the BB&T Pavillion. He was amazing per usual. Cait had never seen him before and I couldn't wait for her to experience one of his live shows. He really is an incredible and rare talent. You never realize what a great guitar player he is until he starts ripping it up. Maren Morris was his opener opener and she was outstanding. She's so new to the main stream concert circuit, but so comfortable performing. Brett Eldridge was the opener and he was beautiful I mean insanely talented. He sang a lot do his new stuff. Is it bad that we were disappointed he didn't wear his white jeans from last year?  I think he's the only guy to be able to pull of white jeans. 

We're country concert ready!! 

At the end of Keith's show 

Cait and I had one of those you know you're old when moments at the end of the concert when we decided to forego the encor to avoid missing the early train. We know that the 11:04 train is the best one because it doesn't get stuck behind the departing concert traffic. We were both exhausted and had early mornings ahead of us. #oldladystatus

Saturday started super early like usual, but this time I was teaching Zumba! I love teaching Zumba because the people bring so much energy and you need that at 8 am on Saturday morning. 

I also taught a super sweaty Total Body Blast class. I only have one more class left to sub, then I have to relinquish the class. I'll keep subbing through the year on a need be basis.  After class, I took a Pilates class and boy did I feel it. Pilates always centers me and makes me feel whole and strong like no other workout. After being out for a week it felt beautiful to be back. 

After the gym I headed to Wegman's to make my usual sample rounds. Kind of a disappointing sample display I have to say. I guess the place really dos fall down without me ;) 

What Wegman's failed to have in samples, they more than made up for with the arrival of HONEYCRISP apples!  My beloved pounder of an apple quickly got attacked by cinnamon! 

Saturday night Deb and I went shopping for Kate's wedding. The beauty of being a bridesmaid is that you don't have to think about what to wear or which accessories to buy!  So so in love with that!  While I wont reveal Deb's outfit I will tell you we got it all (including dress, shoes, and jewelry) for $143!! That's insane! Does anyone remember the show The Look For Less from the Style Network circa early 2000s I felt like we were on that and we beasted the challenge!  Even Deb, the always reluctant shopper enjoyed herself!  

After a long day of shopping, Cait and I met up for a frotrip to Menchie's!  I had my first Menchie's moment in Pitt at PNC Park in June and have had a hankering for it ever since. They have one a few towns away from me and Cait and I decided it was time to sojourn there. 

Can you guess which one is mine?  If you picked the ginormous are correct!  It was a delicious $8.50 sundae. 

Menchie's is cool because they don't have the traditional flavors (I mean they do, but you have options.). They had sorbets, too! I got cake batter, peanut butter, and chocolate. I then topped it with cookie dough, brownies, Oreos, Nutella, peanut butter, hot fudge, marshmallow, and m&ms.  

Sunday was a Funday!  I'm still nursing an Achilles injury so I skipped my long run and slept in so id be fresh for our big trip to New York for the Mets Phils game. The Mets had been dominating the series and we were not optimistic. Buuuuuuuuttttt third times the charm!  We won!! 

This is stadium #6 for us on our MLB tour. We were so surprised by how beautiful Citi Park is. All of the people were so nice to us despite our Phillies gear. Shocked!  We were expecting heckling and booing. But no. Nothing. I was severely uncomfortable with all of the niceness. We also had great food. Zero complaints!  

View form our seats. 

Our seats!  They were right in front of Jerry Seinfeld's box. He wasn't at the game, but it was cool to see his seats. 

Baked goods?!

Epic Brownie Situation. It was a salted caramel pretzel brownie. I'm gonna leave you with that and let it sink in. 

All of the retired numbers including Jackie Robinson's 42. 

Shea Bridge

Shea Bridge Selfie!

Home Run Apple

As we were leaving we passed this sign. 

Pretty cool, huh?

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! What did you all do?  Anything fun planned for the upcoming week?

 This is my last week of summer vacation so I'm going to be setting up my classroom and prepping for the first week. I have no real plans for Labor Day Weekend so I foresee a lot of sun bathing and reading in my future. 



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