Thursday, August 18, 2016

The One With Kate's Bachelorette Party

Happy Thursday!

It's almost the weekend everyone!  Insert happy dance here!

Things are getting a little crazy around here as we approach our vacation, but I wanted to check in with you all before I set sail for Bermuda. 

So let's talk about Kate's Bachelorette Party!

Last Monday into Tuesday we celebrated Kate's impending nuptials by feting her in my favorite city. Since her sister and other bridesmaid were both in town for th shower we decided to piggy back the bachelorette party to keep the festivities going. 

We started the day at Spruce Street Park. Spruce Street is a cool hang out spot with food and booze trucks. The girls had drinks and we sat and relaxed while looking out over the Delaware. I was super hungry so I went in search of some food. Knowing that we'd be indulging all day, I went in search of something healthy. I couldn't find anything healthy so I settle for vegan chocolate ice cream. 

Riddle me salad truck, but a full on vegan ice cream truck!? I mean I'm not complaining, but still. 

After lunch we checked into our hotel and started getting ready for the night. 

We stayed at the Liberty Hotel on Locust. It's a swanky little boutique hotel. The room was ginormous. 

Kate and I made a wine run while the there started getting ready. 

L'occitaine goodies=we're gonna steal them like Ross!

At 6:30 the hotel had a wine party for us...just kidding...but they did put out a nice spread of dried fruit, nuts, and red and white wines. We put ours in a coffee cup (to avoid spills) and headed on our merry way. 

We walked 3 blocks to El Vez (my favorite Mexican spot) for dinner.  I had a Paloma, all the chips and guac, and a naked vegan burrito. 

The Bride to Be! 


My Paloma. This was my splurge drinks usually if I make this on my own I'll mix a shot of tequila with a freshly squeezed grapefruit. 

The Bride Tribe

After dinner we headed to some local bars. 

Bridal Party on Broad

I had to leave early Monday night because I had to tutor Tuesday morning. The party was so fun and it was the beginning of the omg the wedding is coming excitement. 

Congrats to Kate and I can't wait to stand by your side on your Big Day!

Again, in terms of healthy living, I had fun and rolled with the day. I started the day with a weights session and then got my cardio from walking around the city. I also didn't get a drink when we first got there because I knew we'd be living it up all day. Guac isn't the worst thing for you but it is high in fat. But you know what, it's a bachelorette party and they don't happen that often so live it up! 



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