Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The One With Kate and Bill's Shower

Happy Tuesday!

Is everyone loving Bachelor In Paradise?  I heart Sarah. I just want her to find love. And I'm sorry, even though Andi Dorfman is my spirit animal, Josh Murray is hot. A jerk? Yes, but a hot jerk. 

Last night was our Zumba Fiesta!  Mui fun!  Everyone brought over apps/desserts/and something to drink. 

Tonight I'm off to the welcome dinner for the new teachers. It's crazy to think that was me 3 years ago.  Time flies. 

So last week we celebrated Kate's shower and bachelorette party. Kate knew the shower date, but not the theme or venue. The theme was...

How cool is that theme?  Especially for someone as obsessed with the show as Kate. 

Kate and I met my sophomore year at TCNJ. She had a Friends coffee mug and I said that I liked it. She said its my favorite show and I concurred and it's been a reality show/Royal wedding/Kennedy obsessed friendship ever since. 

The shower was held at the Meecer Oaks Country Coub in Princeton. Everything was beautiful. The bridesmaids got their early to set up, and as we were putting the finishing touches on everything we kept marveling at how beautiful the venue was. The workers were so helpful and set up was a breeze.  

Every little detail was thought of and related to the theme. As Kate's sister, Dev, said, "No stone was left unthought of...maybe in turned, but not unthought of."  

We had a mimosa bar (a shower must) and you could mix the champs with a peach bellini mix, cranberry juice, or orange juice. There were also strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries to add some pizzazz to your mimosa. 

As guests were gathering, we had a bagel bar with fresh fruit to nosh on. 

After Kate and Bill made their welcome rounds we started eating brunch. We had Caesar salad, penne vodka, chicken Marsala, eggs, and bacon. All was delicious. 

Kate started to open her presents and while we were all oohing and ahhing over the household goodies, the staff started passing out the cake and dessert trays. The only downside to the whole bridesmaid thing is that you can't run like the ravenous boar that you are to the mouth watering cake awaiting/calling your name from your place. No easy task my friends. We played Bamboozled, basically the newlywed game, the don't say wedding game (I collected 15 rings!), and a bridal scramble. The winners received a mini cheesecake in reference to the episode where Rachel and Chandler eat their neighbors cheesecake. 

As for healthy living, when it comes to showers and parties I like to indulge. I give myself a pass to have a slice of cake and cookies and dessert tray musings. I also had a mimosa...or 2. I figure these things are not a weekly or monthly event so you can enjoy a little more freely than you usually would. I also started my day with a 12 mile run so I ate without guilt. 

Ready for some pictures? 

The Wishing Well!  Everyone was asked to bring a small household object to put in. I gave Kate a salad chopper. 

The favors were coffee mugs with coffee fixings and Milano cookies. 

The room complete with purple and yellow accessories. 

Even an orange couch! In the background we played all of the Friends wedding episodes. 

The tables were set with little frames that possessed notable Friends quotes about love. Everyone also received a Bridal Shower Bingo Board where they were asked to write gifts they thought Kate would get. 

Bill's mom made cookies for the table and labeled them after Phoebe's Grandma's "famous cookie recipe". 

Even the pencils say The One Where Kate Marries Bill. 

Lobster lights on the cake table. 

Photo Booth Fun!  Good work Dev!

Close ups of the props!

Central Perk, anyone? 

Bill's mom made Italian Wedding Cookies!! 

The cake!

Cheers to Kate & Bill!

Kate and Dev! 

The maids and our girl!

The happy couple!

The cake that was calling me the whole time I was helping with gifts. 

Dessert tray. I had the Oreo cake and it was a great choice 

The Bridal Party and Bill 

Kate and I working the orange couch. 

Madre and me

He's Her Lobster

The future siblings! Kate, Dev, Bill, and his sister. 

Blonde Besties

Disney Crew '14

The shower was amazing and so Pinterest worthy. We all know that's all that matters, right? 😋

Everyone left saying that the shower was the best themed shower they had ever attended. 

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