Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Getting Back on the Wagon

Happy Hump Day!

How are you all today?  Thanks for all the love on Amanda and Tony's wedding post!  It was such a beautiful wedding and I was so happy to celebrate with them!

Ahhhh, celebrating.  After 2 solid weeks of non-stop fun (starting with a fabulous beach trip, Deb's birthday, Miami trip, and then Amanda's wedding week!) I am feeling the effects.  I haven't been eating as well, letting the sugar monster rage, sleeping less, and enjoying some cocktails and champagne.
So now it's time to put the ice cream down and head back to my usual healthy lifestyle.  While the prospect of skipping my favorite treat for a few weeks is making my heart hurt, I'm excited to have my energy back!

It's crazy how much food effects my mood, speed, and overall well-being.  After the junk food coma I've been living in for the past weeks, I've noticed that I'm a lot sleepier, slower with my running speed, and just feeling kind of blah.  

To get back on the wagon, I decided to hit the ground running even though I'm exhausted and still adjusting to life after the parties!  So when my friend Lindsay asked if I wanted to go to rooftop yoga in Philly, I jumped on the chance!  I knew that the day after the wedding I wouldn't feel like running 12 miles, but yoga would feel amazing!  

Look at that view!
We headed into the city for the Katie Gould led class.  The class was awesome!  It takes place on the roof of the now closed Bok Technical School in South Philly.  The school has been restored and still features classrooms that still resemble the school in its prime.  They still have the original signs that say Boys' Gymnasium and Girls' Gymnasium.  They have blown up yearbook pictures as decor and the whole thing just screams city cool.

The class was the perfect combination of challenging, relaxing, and restorative.  The Bok School has also become part of the Philly pop up bar scene so after the class, we headed across the hall to the bar.  Still detoxing from the wedding fun, I opted for a coconut and jackfruit popsicle (their popsicle guy wasn't there yet so I settled for a water) and Linds had a mimosa.  We hung out on the rooftop, caught up on girl talk, and took in the view. It was just what I needed.  For more information the link is here!

Monday was Bachelorette Finale!!  Who was happy with her choice?  I didn't think JoJo got the best crop of guys, but I do agree with her choice.  I think Jordan was best suited for her.  

We hosted our usual finale party with some of the ladies that participated in the Bachelorette Bracket. We decided to make it an ice cream party, so everyone brought either an ice cream or a topping to share.  

Our ladies!

Nom Nom Nom
I had a coconut milk cookie dough ice cream base with marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, hot fudge, a gummy worm, a few gummy bears, peanut M&Ms, regular M&Ms, brownies, and mini Twix Bars.  Baby steps getting on that wagon ;)

Tuesday was a full on wagon day!  Starting with this salad beauty!  I picked up a kale, carrots, sunflower seed, and cabbage salad that I mixed with pear Jersey tomatoes, and baked chicken.  Twas delicious!  Also, PLUMCOTS ARE BACK!  So.Excited!

I'm trying to get my self back on the wagon because I have a race in 5.5 weeks and I want my usual energy and mood back to where it is supposed to be!  It's healthy and normal to enjoy life, but then we have to reel it in and get back to normal.  I'm trying to allow myself the ability to find balance in living a fun life full of friends, outings, and delicious food, but also keeping my workouts and majority of eating healthy.  I'm also trying to find balance in not making myself feel guilty and beating myself up for falling off the wagon.  Does anyone else struggle with this?  That feeling of guilt if you don't eat perfectly healthy?

Have a Happy Hump Day!  I'll see you all later :)

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