Monday, August 1, 2016

Amanda and Tony's Rehearsal

In case you haven't realized're getting multiple posts today!

I'm trying to capture all of the fun wedding festivities while they're still fresh in my mind.  

Friday July 29th was Amanda and Tony's rehearsal.  We joked the entire time that they have had the fastest engagement ever!  Even though they've been engaged since April 2015, the time has flown by. Amanda seriously has been the best, most chill, easy going bride.  

Amanda and I have been friends since 3rd grade.  We have a funny how we became friends story.  In 3rd grade Amanda moved to our town, but we were in different classes.  Our brothers were in the same kindergarten class and became fast friends.  Our moms arranged a playdate for them and Amanda's mom said that she also had a daughter who was in 3rd grade and my mom decided I should have a playdate with Amanda.  Amanda and I begrudgingly agreed to play together and have been best friends ever since.  Amanda had the coolest Barbie accessory of 1998...the Barbie Mall!  I guess sometimes moms do know what they're doing after all.

We've cheered together, lived life together, and have always had each other's backs.  

Homecoming 2008!
Friday morning started with mani pedis at Akoi Salon in Voorhees.  

Amanda's sister booked the appointments and picked up some champagne for us.  I made fruit kebobs  for us to share and snack on.  The kebobs were easy to eat with our wet nails.  

Bride Tribe

After nails, we went home to get ready for the rehearsal.  Everything at the church went really well.  

We headed over to La Terranza in Cherry Hill for dinner.  Amanda and Tony made a great speech and then passed out our gifts.  We got earrings, bracelets, and clutches for the Big Day!  Amanda also gave us a Lorac lip gloss and a bottle of wine.  I knew I always liked that girl!

When dinner was over, we all headed home to rest up for the next day!  I kept thinking, I can't believe Amanda is getting married!  Like really married!  Not 3rd grade married...but really married!  I'm so happy to call you one of my best friends and wish you and Tony the best life together!


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