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Amanda and Tony's Wedding

Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married!

Saturday July 30th, one of my oldest and best friends got married!  I could not be more excited or happy for her!  She deserves all of the happiness and love in the world because she is not only drop dead gorgeous on the outside, she is equally beautiful on the inside.  Tony is a lucky man!

Our day started early.  I got up at 4:30 to get a run in (It was a futile attempt at exercising because even though this is a healthy lifestyle blog, the past week I have been anything but healthy.  Oh well, sometimes you gotta live!) and then it was time for a quick shower before heading to Amanda mom's house for wedding central!

Nom Nom Nom

My hair and make up time was 8 am.  When I got there, Amanda Atoori was already working on transforming us from regular ladies into bridesmaids.  I went in with a few pictures of the hairstyle I wanted for Amanda's Big Day.  Since our dresses were one shoulder and it was a hot and humid Jersey July day, I opted for an up do.  Amanda and her assistant Patty were amazing!  They were super fun and listened to our hair and makeup requests.  I literally showed up at my ugliest and they shapeshifted me into a glamorous bridsemaid.  Kudos to them!  Everyone's hair and makeup looked fantastic.  One thing that always peeves me is when people get their makeup done and then look NOTHING like themselves!  Amanda made sure that we all looked like ourselves...just the most beautiful versions of ourselves.  Check out her FB page for more information!  She's awesome!

While we were all getting our hair and makeup done, we snacked on the yummy spread Amanda's mom laid out for us.  We had mimosas, donuts, bagels, fruit, cashews, and candies.


Meg and me in our Bridesmaid Robes
MOH Monica and me getting ready!

The whole morning was full of laughter, champagne, giggles, friends, and had a completely chill vibe.  

We jammed to Pandora's Bachelorette Party station and somehow the upbeat jams calmed us down and helped set the vibe.  

Once we were beautified, we started getting our dresses on.  

Back of my hair

Around 11 the photographer and videographer arrived and we began getting pictures taken.  We helped Amanda get into her dress (she looked stunning!) and then we rolled out in the limo.

Amanda made a CD to play on our way to the church and we all sang along to Going To The Chapel.  It was such a fun, light, special time with our bestie before she began a Mrs.  

Once we arrived at the church, we immediately lined up and then the ceremony started.  Amanda looked beautiful and was completely calm.  We all said that our tears depended on whether or not Tony cried.  If he cried we were all going to lose it.  He joked that he was biting his tongue to keep from crying and then he was like, "If I kept biting my tongue I wouldn't have a tongue left!"  We all laughed.  Amanda and Tony looked so in love and the whole day radiated with a joy.  

The Newlyweds!


Next we all got pictures at the church and then headed to the Collingswood Ballroom for the reception.

The Bridal Party
The reception was fantastic!  It was so beautiful and full of love!  The cocktail hour was amazing.  Tony and Amanda picked apps that incorporated their heritages and their homes.  They had Maryland Crab cakes (an ode to their new home), Tomato and Mozzarella salad (an ode to Amanda's Italian heritage and they used Jersey tomatoes an ode to their home state), a Portuguese crab claw (an ode to Tony's heritage) chicken satay, shrimp cocktail shooters, stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped scallops,  and pasta.  Everything was so so so good!  They had a Mint To Be Mojito as their signature drink and twas daaaaalish!

The Ballroom with an A&T

Amanda and Tony shared a Spotlight Dance.  I'd never seen one before their wedding.  Basically, the couple come out before the introduction of the bridal party for their first dance.  

Amanda and Tony danced to Train's Marry Me.  There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

How beautiful?!  
Once we were introduced it was time to eat (salmon and veggies for me) and then party our booties off!  

In true Tony and Amanda fashion, it was one hell of a party!  I don't think anyone sat down through the entire reception.  It truly was one of the best weddings I have ever been to.  

Monica gave her MOH speech and it was perfect!  A great blend of sisterly advice, love, and memories.  Tony's best man gave his speech and included stories about the two of them moving to America and learning English together.  Amanda's dad's speech was so heartfelt.  

Next came my favorite part of any wedding:  THE CAKE!

Don't they just look so happy?
Could it be any more beautiful?

It was a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and bling (of course)!  Amanda and Tony also decided to bless the guests with a dessert buffet!  #Blessyouandthankyouverymuch

The buffet featured chocolate mousse with raspberries, cannolis, mini key lime pies, mini creme brûlées, mini cheesecakes, pink chocolate covered strawberries, and a groom's cake.  

An ode to Officer Tony!
I had a chocolate martini with my dessert!

The thing of dreams

Shelly and I ended up cutting the line to get a slice of the groom's cake.

**You can do that if you're a bridesmaid, didja know?**

The rest of the night was spent on the dance floor with my friends.

THE Miami Trio

The beautiful bride!

The bouquet toss

The garter toss!  (They used Pony from Magic Mike and then Tony tossed it to the Cops theme song)

The Miami Girls

Besties since 3rd grade

The happy couple and their frequent houseguest 

Amanda and Tony's wedding was amazing!  They did such a great job planning it and incorporating all of their families and cultures.  It was quite the whirlwind and I'm really sad it's over!  I am so happy for both of you and can't wait to see what the future holds for you both!  You're amazing together.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day <3  Love you both!



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