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     So Happy November!!  Are we all excited?!  It is the 11th month and that means what?  *This is my example of using my teacher voice in everyday life.  A fun little discourse experiment, eh?*  Well the answer boys and girls is...The Christmas Season Is Upon Us!!!  Yep, yep, this girl is ready for Christmas and all the seasonal festivities!!  To all of you who are saying, "But we just had Halloween,"  I say yes but (as my dear friend Corinne wrote on my FB wall today) "November is just a pregame for Christmas".  Do you see why I love my cohort?  They get me.  We're all a little Christmas obsessed!  I completed the local radio station's Christmas Survey (like I do every year) and I put that I want Christmas music to start November 1.  However, when I turned on my radio this morning, what should my wondering ear appear, but Rihanna not Christmas JAMS!!  So.  Sad.

I saw this lil gem on Pinterest and thought it captures
my dream world perfectly!

     Also, I have been inspired by those No_____vembers.  You know the NoSAHVEmber, NoSTRESSvember, etc and have decided to start my very own.  I'm doing a NoSODAvember.  I'm a sweet tooth to the nth degree and I just can't stop drinking my sweet stuff.  All the sugar and carbonation really take a toll on my body, energy level, and mood.  So for 30 days I'm going to detox and be soda free.  I have already made a behavior chart for myself.  (Raise your hand if you're a SPED)  I am going to give myself a star for every day I go soda free.  My reward will be a pre-Thanksgiving mani.  Total relaxation after a very stressful (and caffeine free) November.

     November is going to be a busy month!  On the docket I already have multiple friends' birthdays, concerts, my COMPREHENSIVE EXAM (Oh you know the all inclusive exam that I must pass in order to pressure or anything.)  The South Pole elves must have decided to test us during the holiday season :(  My parents anniversary--Happy 28th!! and their anniversary dinner! Thanksgiving!  Black Friday!  Babysitting!  Plus pretty much every project for school ever created!  But alas, in 30 days it will be the best month ever!  I think I can deal with that!

My professors deciding Christmas time was the
appropriate time to give our Comps Exam...

     So with the holiday season quickly approaching, I figured I would jump into the season with a 30 Days of Thankfulness posting series because I think this time of year it is very easy to take things for granted.  I know I do.  I'm always creating, editing, revising it to make it perfect.  And guess what?  I usually get everything on my list.  I also take for granted that I will get everything on my list.  *I'm not a totally heartless individual, I do buy a lot of presents for my local toy drive*  I think right now is a pretty good time to be thankful that I have so many blessings.  I think this time of year becomes the time of year when I'm stressing over will I find the perfect gift for _____________?  Do I have to buy them a gift?  What if they don't get me anything but I show up with a present, will that be awkward?  I think I often times lose sight of the fact that this time of year is supposed to be about being thankful for what we do have.  So today I am going to start the first of these posts.

Thankfulness Day One:

I am thankful for God and my faith.  I don't usually write about this topic because I believe to each their own, but I am very thankful for God and prayers and faith.  I say my prayers every night and thank God every night for all the wonderful things He has given me.  I do sometimes oftentimes get impatient and ask if He could answer my prayer right now that'dbegreat but I know that He is going to let it all work out in the end.  

Happy November and wish me luck with my NoSODAvember!  I'm already sleepy and it's only 12:30 pm...this no caffeine thing may actually kill me.  Keep your thankful thoughts coming!


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