Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 6 of Thankfulness

Howdy y'all!

Today I am thankful for country music!  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a country girl Southern Belle through and through.  I love my country music, the South, jeans, boots, and Southern morals/values.  (I also heart Hush Puppies/gumbo/seafood/pralines/cutoffs/cowboys...reel it in Erin)  So while I'm a displaced Southern Belle I thought that since the CMAs are on tonight, I think that it fitting that I write about my thankfulness for country music.  I'm thankful for country music because these are the songs about my life.  I've been a country fan since I was a little girl.  I even rocked black sued cowboy boots, cut offs, and a Garth Brooks concert tee in preschool.  I even had Dolly Parton's Children's Book, Coat of Many Colors, and I rocked out to my Dolly tape when I got my first tape player.  Good parenting right there!  I always love country jams because you can always find a country song to fit your mood.  Can you do that in rap?  No, it's not relatable.  In my everyday life I don't pop champagne and drive a tricked out Caddy.  Pop songs are too manic.  They're either super happy or super sad.  Country music is real.  It's relatable and there's something for every mood I'm in.  When I'm having a pitty party for myself I play Martina McBride's Blessed or Jessica Andrews' Who I Am, Jerrod Neiman's Shinin On Me, Travis Tritt's It's A Great Day To Be Alive.  When I feel like I'm going on a date and being super cute I listen to TSwizzle's Fearless, Enchanted, Everything Has Changed.  When I'm feeling sassy I put on Sugarland's Down In Mississippi and Up To No Good, Toby Keith Whiskey Girl, Trace Adkins' Chrome, Dolly Parton's 9-5, JoDee Messina's Heads Caroilna Tails California, When I feel super GirlPower I jam to Sugarland's Settlin', Every Girl Like Me, When I'm going through a break up I have my own version of the Stages of Grief:

When You're Sad and Crying and Still Wearing Sweat Pants
Rascal Flatts-What Hurts the Most & These Days
Luke Bryan-Better Than My Heart
When You Are Pissed As Hell and Are Running Off Your "Post Break Up Weight"
Miranda Lambert-Mama's Broken Heart
Taylor Swift-Picture To Burn
The Band Perry-Done.
Travis Tritt-Here's A Quarter Call Someone Who Cares
When He Calls You Again
Faith Hill-Let Me Let Go
When You Regress
Randy Travis & Carrie Underwood-I Told You So
When You Are Wearing Your Hot Jeans Again and Going Out For Revenge
Carrie Underwood-Undo It/Before He Cheats/Wine After Whiskey/Songs Like This
Patty Loveless-Blame It On Your Heart
When You See Him Out
Jana Kramer-Why You Wanna
Dolly Parton-I Will Always Love You
Kellie Pickler- Red High Heels
When You're Happy Again
Carrie Underwood-Starts With Goodbye/Lessons Learned
Garth Brooks- Some of God's Greatest Gifts, Are Unanswered Prayers
Garth Brooks-The Dance

This also goes for happy first date flutterflies and googly eyes.

For That Great First Date/Early Relationship Stage:
Taylor Swift: Begin Again
When You Are Coming To The End of the Date and You're Like pretty pretty please kiss me goodnight
Lady Antebellum:  Just A Kiss
The Day After A Great Date
Trisha Yearwood:  Thinking About You
When You Just Know and You're Reflecting On All The Lil Things
Carrie Underwood:  That's Where It Is
When You're Happy And Planning For The Future
Miranda Lambert:  Makin' Plans
When You're Deliriously Happy
Lonestar:  Amazed
The Sweatpants and No Make Up Stage In Your Relationship
Sara Evans:  As If

Joe Nichols:  Gimme That Girl
Lady A:  Our Kinda Love
Sara Evans:  Perfect

Josh Gracin:  Nothing To Lose
The Forever Happy Stage:
Rascal Flatts: Bless The Broken Road
George Jones:  I Always Get Lucky With You *the most honest lovely sweet song*
Dustin Lynch:  Cowboys and Angels
Dixie Chicks:  Cowboy Take Me Away
Randy Travis:  Forever and Ever Amen
Keith Urban:  Raining on Sunday
Tim McGraw:  She's My Kinda Rain
Dolly Parton:  Somebody's Everything

Country music is where it is!  It need/crave/live off my country music!  This past summer I went to Nashville it was like country music overload.  I had a deliriously goofy grin on my face the whole time I was there.  I just loved it so much!  I know that some people don't like country music...I guess we can still be friends.  But just give it a try because there is something for every moment in your life.  I'm happiest when I'm at an outdoor country concert just singing my little heart out and dancing around like a fool.  I'm loving it!  It's just my heart<3  And who does't love country boys?  They are musical (so hot), manly (dying) gentlemanly (swoon) love their mamas (precious) are good pure souls (okay maybe I'm generalizing here...sorry I live in the North where the hot Southern gentlemen are as allusive as a rent controlled apartment).  Who doesn't love a cowboy??  This girl does!

And the song that is always appropriate, gets me dancing, makes me smiley, gets me jamming, lovin' life again:  The King Luke Bryan's Country Girl Shake It For Me

So enjoy life, rock on to your country jams, and love life!  I'm off to dance around to the concertparty that is the CMAs!



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